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Hamilton wants Sochi completely changed

Hamilton wants Sochi completely changed

F1 News

Hamilton wants Sochi completely changed

Hamilton wants Sochi completely changed

Lewis Hamilton believes that, although the Sochi Autodrom presents a beautiful and "cool" track to drive on, the track is simply "not good for racing" and has suggested completely reversing it in order to make it more entertaining for viewers.

Since the introduction of the official Russian Grand Prix in 2014, only two drivers who started in pole position have gone on to claim the win, but the GP has been criticised for not including much overlapping, leading some fans and sections of the sport to label it one of the more boring races.

Hamilton reckons he knows how to make it more entertaining - reverse the track completely.

“It’s a really beautiful place here in Sochi,” said Hamilton following his GP win at the weekend.

“On a single lap, when you’re on your own it’s cool, but it’s not very good at all for racing. You’ve got the really long straight but the characteristics of the circuit mean the first two sectors are quite fast.

“And the last sector, the rear tyres are so hot, it’s impossible to follow another car, so you can’t even get close to have a run.”

He added: “I was saying in the changing room, they should do it in reverse.

“Go backwards, go the other way around the track, so you have the slow section first and then the fast sections. I don’t know if it’ll make a difference. But otherwise, they’ve got to change the track to make it more racing-like.”

The 2018 drivers' championship leader even admitted that he has spoken to FIA race director previously about altering the track, and most recently requested the DRS section be brought forward.

“I did ask Charlie if he could bring the DRS [activation point] even earlier, because that maybe would encourage overtaking,” Hamilton continued.

“You need to be 1.4s faster than the car in front of you – and when you’re racing with someone you’re not 1.4s faster than him – to overtake.

“There are circuits that have which have a much smaller delta to overtake.”

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