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Kubica drives '70 percent left-handed'

Kubica drives '70 percent left-handed'

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Kubica drives '70 percent left-handed'

Kubica drives '70 percent left-handed'

Williams reserve driver Robert Kubica has revealed that he must now rely heavily on his left arm to do most of the driving behind the wheel of a Formula One car, with his right still suffering the affects of a career-threatening accident a few years ago.

In 2011, Kubica lost part of his forearm following an accident during a rally car race and it was thought his career could be finished due to the injuries sustained, but he has rehabilitated to the point when he can now be called upon for a Grand Prix race if required.

However, the Pole has revealed part of his unconventional style, commenting that he now drives primarily with one hand.

"When I'm driving, I'm driving around 70 percent left-handed and 30 percent right," Kubica told Motorsport.

"If I were to try to do fifty-fifty like the old days, I would not manage it."

"I cannot try to do the things I used to do because, with my limitation, I'm not able to do it. That's not only driving but also living [sic]. Everything I tried to do in the same way, I got disappointed, but then I realised I could still do them in different ways.”

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Due to the left arm being heavily favoured, Kubica mentions that it has grown faster, stronger, and more precise than ever before.

"Many years ago, when I started testing with simulators, I asked my doctor if it's possible I have much better sensitivity, more precision in my left arm," Kubica continued.

"Last year, I was asked by Renault to go to a medical centre where they test a lot of that stuff. Actually, my results for precision, and speed, and force of the left arm was at least 35 percent better than the best they have ever seen."

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