2018 F1 season shaping up like NASCAR - Hamilton

Monday, 13 november 2017, 08:26

World champion Lewis Hamilton has issued his concern at the new regulations coming in ahead of the 2018 F1 season, stressing that the sport could end up 'like NASCAR'.

As part of a number of budget measures, the number of engines at a team's disposal across a campaign will drop from four to three, while the introduction of the Halo device has divided fans and pundits alike.

Hamilton feels that the new rules are in danger of adding additional weight to the car as well as reducing the ability to regularly reach high speeds.

He told the BBC: "I don't like the idea of going to three, that sucks. Sprinting is what we are missing in F1.

"The car is going to be a bus next year, it is going to be so heavy, like a NASCAR."

He continued: "The braking distances get longer, the brakes are always on fire, on the limit. I know it sounds negative but as a racer we want fast, nimble cars where we can attack every single lap. Unfortunately that is not what we generally have. I had that today but I was coming from a different place. If you look at the front guys, they were managing and that is what we are normally doing.

The 32-year-old also warned that the new systems are in danger of ruining the sport as a spectacle, and fans could find themselves turning off. 

He concluded: "I don't think that is too exciting for people to watch.

"If you look at the most exciting races, particularly when it rains, we don't have those limitations. I'm not sure cutting down engines is helping it in that direction."

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Comments (24)

  • Alexander King
    Why wont they just leave shit alone for a few years? They just made the cars wider and wings wider . They added turbos a couple years back now they want to make f1 cars into indy/sport cars? REALLY? Just stick to shit that works ... DRS Great! Kers Great! Wider car with wider tires Great. Just subtract those and add them back year to year. No need for added weight. No need for smaller engines... no need for halo. When was the last person hit in the head by something that the halo would save them asince The FIA started trying to add them to the rules. Big problem with F1 its not dangerous any more... very restrictive... thats whats wrong
  • Jack Schwartz
    So if a team cannot simply throw all the money in the world at the championship (Buy it) then you don't want to watch it? I simply say, give everyone a bracket in which to put your car in : X amount hp, x amount weight, x amount downforce, x tire sizes and then who ever makes the better car wins. and driver of course
  • Lee Avery
    Horner and Lauda have both said the costs of making 3 engines last a season is more than if they were allowed 6 or more engines, all these penalties are a turn off, we want faster racing, and if an engine blows that adds to the drama and tension of a race.
  • Mike Bernazzani
    I will say that the current engines sound horrid. I actually put my sound system on yesterday. They just sound anemic. I hope whatever changes they make improve that. Maybe just me but the sound is part of the excitement - and these cars have none if it.
  • Mike Hanson
    Lol perhaps it should go back to the DRIVERS buying the cars from the manufacturers and racing them? bet they wouldnt stand for 100 million for JUST the engines for a season? and besides some teams have run on 1 engine all season!
  • Paul Leavitt
    By making these changes, I would say that F1 thinks they need to change the sport, why not just call it IROC 1 from now on, making all the cars equal, slower pace is just going to turn a lot of people off.
  • Kenneth Petrie
    Liberty don't appear have grasped what this is all about. The opening ceremony at the US GP was terrible. On the race front we want sprint not engine and fuel management. ((well I do anyway)
  • Kevin Kirk
    That isnt what this article says. The only time he even mentions nascar is when he says the car will be heavier like a nascar. Stop with the made up drama stories to get comments about how bad america is.
  • Dre Smith
    F1 needs changes sick and tired of seeing this uncompetitive racing you have 20 cars on a grid and out those 20 the same 3 or 4 cars are on the podium every freaking race weekend
  • Mohammad Islam
    What can you expect when F1 owned by Liberty Media which is American? Next we will see F1 cars are racing in oval or round stadium track. #Formula1
  • Christopher Coxall-Adams
    For once, i completely agree with Lewis. If it becomes Nascar or Indy I'll go watch MotoGP and more world rally.
  • Lee Woodhams
    Any time you limit something it costs more money to get the max out of the limited thing and you go slower while doing it. Zzzzz
  • Dee Paterson
    They need to scrap the engine and fuel rule, I want to see them race flat out at every race.
  • Anuj Mathur
    Give Vettel wrost engine and wrost car He will finish 15 + in every race Everybody not like Lewis
  • Vishal Mark Stephens
    Aniket Mantri...finally something he and I agree on...why stop at 3 engines for the season...make it 1
  • João Júlio Manzi
    Schumacher Era = one engine for Race. Hamilton's Era = 4 Enginers for year
  • Andy Hall
    You think engine penalties were bad this year Wait until next year
  • David Bern
    I’m ok with one engine manufacturer as long as it’s a V10 or V12...
  • David Kirschke
    He's right - the three engines per season is simply STUPID
  • Martin Hossell
    Liberty Media are ruining F1. Ecclestone should try to buy it back
  • Charlie Dougan
    On this, finally, I agree 100% with hamilton.
  • Michael Russo
    Yes V10's please!!!!! I miss that music!!!!
  • Nic Kerrison-Davey
    Think of the VAT saving

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