Red Bull to offer Ricciardo new deal - Horner

Monday, 13 november 2017, 05:23

Red Bull boss Christian Horner claims the team are extremely interested in renewing the contract of Daniel Ricciardo, whose current deal ends in 2018.

Max Verstappen, a team-mate of Ricciardo, has already been tied down to a long-term agreement and the team want the Australian to follow suit as they try and mount an assault on Mercedes and Ferrari.

“We were very keen to make sure we had Max committed to the end of 2020 which we have done. We’re very keen to do the same with Daniel,” Horner told Sky Sports F1.

“He’s out of contract at the end of next year but as soon as we get Abu Dhabi out of the way, we’ll reflect on this year, talk about next year and beyond.

With Ricciardo's deal expiring so soon, speculation mounted regarding his future, with Ferrari and Mercedes reportedly circling with interest to recruit the 28-year-old. However, Horner insists that he wants the partnership with Verstappen to flourish.

He added: “My objective is to make sure this pairing, which is such a fantastic pairing, we keep together for the next three years."

Ricciardo battled back from spinning out on the opening lap to finish fifth in Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix, a place behind his team-mate, Verstappen. 

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Comments (20)

  • Andy Hall
    No way, Red Bull will make him Webber 2 He needs to get out of that team quick It's quite obvious they've found their new golden boy
  • Robert Jinx Joiner
    Ferrari should ask to swap with Kimi or Mercedes to swap with botas . I think he will push vettel and Hamilton if he was in there team
  • Martin Hossell
    Mercedes and Red Bull already have their drivers for 2018, so there’s no real threat from them, but of course Horner will re - sign him anyway
  • Weldon Broncho
    Ferrari need to keep kimi he knows how to set up a car. Look at Alonso. He is a good driver but he couldn’t produce a good car.
  • Susan Hobbs
    He should go to Mercedes to a more reliable car! He will never win a championship if he stays at Red Bull.
  • Greg Valdez
    I don't think either Merc or Ferrari care lol. They have the drivers they need.
  • João Júlio Manzi
    Ricciardo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>?> Crashstappen
  • Reece Palmer
    Get the hell away from that Renault engine for a start.
  • Laz Till
    He goes to Merc he will be world champ.. or Ferrari..
  • Adit Dua
    Doug Bergamin hope this doesnt happen, i want my theory to work.
  • Blaž Štremfelj
    Fuck hamilton and get ricciardo Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport :D
  • Christopher Coxall-Adams
    Run mate. Don't do it. It's a trap
  • Mohammad Islam
    One more year then he is coming to Ferrari.
  • Haley Hunsucker
    Would love to see him in Mercedes.
  • Mihai Alex
    Imo verstappen is better than ricciardo
  • Marcela Eme Laffayette
    Ricciardo to Ferrari!!! Yeeeees!!!
  • Justin Aliang Ryan
    Just go to ferrari, good car is waiting
  • Richard Cordova
    KIMI needs to retire.
  • Humberto Estrada
    Ferrari get him

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