Ferrari holding F1 'to ransom' - Horner

Monday, 12 march 2018, 04:11 , by Matthew Scott

Red Bull chief Christian Horner says Ferrari's threats over quitting Formula 1 are "disrespectful" to the sport's governors. Horner has accused the Scuderia of holding F1 "to ransom" as they continue to express dissatisfaction with the future vision of Liberty Media.

Proposed changes to engine regulations and budget caps have infuriated Ferrari, leading CEO Sergio Marchionne to suggest they could leave the sport in 2021.

Marchionne has suggested that a decision on Ferrari's future could be made by the end of this year if Liberty Media do not row back on their plans.

Former Ferrari team principal Ross Brawn is the current director of motorsports in F1 and has played a key role in shaping the future, particularly on the engine side of things.

And Horner says Brawn and the sport as a whole deserve more respect from Ferrari.

"I think that's disrespectful to Ross Brawn, one of the most successful engineers in F1 history," Horner told El Confidencial.

"I think Liberty has a good understanding of the business and it's up to them to decide what's best.

"It might be bad for us or Ferrari or Mercedes, but it's Liberty who must decide what they want Formula 1 to be.

"It's inevitable that there are going to be two battlefields.

"FOM and the FIA are going to make the rules, and then it's up to the teams to decide if they want to be part of it or not.

"We're not going to have any influence. This world championship is managed by the FIA and FOM and it's their job to know what they want.

"Of course everyone wants Ferrari to continue, and it's fantastic fighting against such an iconic team. But it's wrong to hold F1 to ransom in that way."

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Comments (23)

  • Nigel McLaren
    Ferrari leave, Mercedes follows and that is about 40% of the fans. Bernie managed to keep the whole deal rolling because he understood F1. He was Mr F1. A tad mad, bit eccentric but he had a framework that worked. McLaren don't need F1 to sell road cars, neither do Mercedes who have only been back in it for a few years and Ferrari definately don't require F1 to sell cars. I can see a break away series occurring.
  • Ben Kersten
    I'm a massive red bull fan but I'm on Ferrari's side with this one. Who dies liberty media think they are to pretty much demolish the sport as we know it. It's teams like Ferrari that have invested so much into formula one for so long and they should get a say on its future. Let's try and keep some of its culture before it get turned into a circus.
  • James Redman
    Hopefully Ferrari go through with the threat and start a breakaway series with Mercedes and who ever else wants to join... Back to v10 engines, no halo, fuel pit stops etc etc, make racing pure and great again!
  • Steve Buet
    Bye bye Ferrari....nothing but a bunch of primadonnas anyway. They aren’t the be all and end all of F1 that they think they are, the sport will survive without them so jog on!
  • Ian Barrett
    Every team at some point have tried and used their position to push against the "runners" of F1. They all need to get together for the good of the sport and the fans.
  • Andy Hall
    I've always felt Ferrari didn't give a damn about improving F1, they just want the money thrown at them to be in it Sooner they leave the better
  • Will Martinez
    Bit precious coming from horner don't you think? Given his mate helmut mate was saying something very similar not so long ago!
  • Bill Pettrey
    I’m with Ferrari on this one. I think decisions like this should be discussed with all constructors around the table
  • Shafi Ahamed
    I think it's best for Ferrari to leave F1.. I feel it would be a loss for them eventually. Let's get on with racing
  • John P Mattiello
    Eveyone mising the point here it should be what the fans want not what red bull or Ferrari want
  • ??????? ???????????
    Ferrari is trying to bring back the drama and the competition that we used to see untill 2008
  • Dexter Williams
    Horner has turned into a moaning old woman. I can't believe I used to like him.
  • Chris Buss
    If Ferrari want to leave then let them, they aren’t bigger than the sport
  • Steven Miller
    Red Bull's, Ferrari's F1 politics have long been bloated and disgusting.
  • Mike Sirochman
    Red Bull would know with the threats they made about leaving the sport.
  • Jake Belford
    John P Mattiello so if ferrari leave do we get v10s again?
  • Farrukh Zaidi
    I love Ferrari and generally dont like Horner but he aint wrong.
  • Jason Doyle
    Not a fan of Ferrari but totally with them on this one.
  • Keron Hepworth
    Any team against Seb and Hamo.
  • Shafin Ahmed
    Christian Horner, screw off.

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