Alonso has 'total' confidence in Renault

Thuesday, 13 february 2018, 07:14 , by Matthew Scott

Fernando Alonso has insisted that he has 'total' confidence in McLaren's new Renault engine and has also claimed that he will win a race in 2018 even if he does not know if a victory will come in Formula One or another motorsport.

McLaren have endured a torrid last few seasons with their unreliable Honda engines, and Alonso reportedly got so angry after one failed race that he punched a hole in his quarters after being eliminated early.

However, Honda have since been ditched in favour of Renault, and Alonso thinks this change could catapult the team up the rankings.

"Total. Total," he said when asked by AS if he had confidence in the new engine.

"I believe there are three engine manufacturers now at a very high level, and of the three, Mercedes has dominated in this era. But if you have to trust someone, you trust Renault, who in the last ten or 12 years has won six or seven times. Renault is an engine of guarantees and always has been.

Alonso is set to split his time between F1 and the world endurance championship in 2018, and he believes he will claim the top position on the podium, even if it is not in F1.

"I will win. I don't know [about winning in F1]. We'll see. But I said I am going to win this year and I will."

The Spaniard went on to discuss the upcoming McLaren livery, and said that he hopes it is orange.

"I haven't seen the colours but if it is orange like in Indy it will be perfect," he said.

"But it's also perfect if a sponsor comes and paints it whatever colour at the last moment. What is really certain is that expectations are much better than we had in the last three winters. The atmosphere in the factory is much more positive,"

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  • Antoine Davis
    Alonso must know something we don't. For them to be this confident, they must be hyping for more sponsorship or they developed something innovative to close the gap to the top teams besides the Renault engine.
  • Vernon Naicker
    What else can he say... I do hope it works out for him and Maclaren. Having witnessed their past success then to see them like the old Minardi of the field, well.... sucks!
  • Shawn Sejera
    Was there some internal memo given mandating that every story has to be about Alonso? There are other F1 drivers out there and some are even more compelling.
  • Anet Kotze
    Thumbs Up !!! Fernando, hoping alot of podiums will come for you in 2018, in F1 and in WEC, Go for gold !!!!!
  • Tim Joyce
    This guy put up with so much from Honda, I think he’s due for some fortune
  • David Muffitt
    Ill be surprised if he win another race, let alone a championship! ! Shit cunt !!
  • Daniel Cheong
    He also had confidence in Honda before the journey began
  • Bryan Brooks
    Woah Woah wait. He won 2 championships with Renault? WHAT?!
  • Maharshi Shukla
    He had confidence on Honda and Ferrari too. Adi Ajikumar
  • Chipo Mumbi
    Hopefully he can join the front pack. Lewis in 8 tho
  • Naushad Nadesan
    He is over confident!!! That never works!!!
  • Franco Machado
    Ganó con un auto de otra categoría
  • Caleb Dev
    Let's hope for the best
  • Paul Lockton
    Jonny Cromptonn
  • Taufiq Hafiidh
    total are worst lubricant

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