Renault want to 'fully match' customer teams by 2019

Monday, 12 february 2018, 08:23 , by Matthew Scott

Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul has stressed that the French manufacturer wants to 'fully match' their customer teams, Red Bull and McLaren, by the start of next season even though he admits they will need to improve significantly on some of their deficits to do so.

Renault have powered Red Bull to be one of the most competitive teams on the circuit and will now be providing engine parts to McLaren, who ditched Honda after various reliability issues.

Abiteboul wants the Renault works team to get to the same level as these teams as quickly as possible.

"We know we have a substantial deficit to Red Bull in terms of chassis – in terms of aerodynamics and mechanical platform," the Renault boss told Autosport.

"We know Red Bull very well and that's a fantastic benchmark. I think they have one of the best chassis if not the best chassis out there right now – we'll see what they come up with.

"McLaren is a bit more of an unknown for us, because they had a different chassis and a different engine, different drivers, so it's very difficult to compare. It will be an interesting benchmark.  I think in terms of overall capacities, in the course of this year we should be able to match them."

Renault have had previous success in Formula One and claimed the constructor's championships in 2005 and 2006, and also launched Fernando Alonso's status as a world champion with a couple of driver's title wins.

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