Ricciardo: I want to team up with Hamilton

Sunday, 11 february 2018, 07:13 , by Matthew Scott

Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo has been speaking about the drivers he has worked with over the years, and has stated his desire to be partnered with F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton at some point in the future - thinking it would be 'fun'.

The Australian has enjoyed a healthy rivalry with Max Verstappen in the Red Bull car in recent seasons, as the Dutchman has emerged as one of the most prominent drivers on the track. 

Verstappen has also experienced spells alongside Sebastian Vettel and Daniil Kyvat and in an interview with RACER he was asked which current driver he would want to be paired with, with the Aussie identifying Hamilton. 

He said: "I’ve never really been too fussed about the type of team-mate. People will probably call me a liar for this but I would like a fast team-mate.

“For two reasons: It’s always going to get more out of yourself, and it’s going to be more of a true evaluation of how good you are and where you stand. I’m in this sport, yes to win, but to win by being the best, not getting lucky or whatever.

“If I win a title I want to know that I was the best guy that year.

“To be the best you have to go against the best and I’ve certainly got a very good one alongside me in Max [Verstappen].

“I would like to go against Lewis at some point, irrespective of team situation. That would be fun.”

Ricciardo's current contract with Red Bull expires at the end of the 2018 season, and he has stalled on negotiating a new deal, adding that his next agreement will be 'the most important of his career'.

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