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Hamilton and Wolff urged to leave Mercedes by former F1 team boss

Hamilton and Wolff urged to leave Mercedes by former F1 team boss



Hamilton and Wolff urged to leave Mercedes by former F1 team boss

Hamilton and Wolff urged to leave Mercedes by former F1 team boss

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton and team principal Toto Wolff have been urged to leave the dominant outfit by former Formula 1 team owner Eddie Jordan.

Mercedes has taken constructors' and drivers' championship doubles in each of the past six years, and it again leads the way this season.

Five of the drivers' titles have been won by Hamilton, who is on course to equal Michael Schumacher's record of seven championships as he holds a 55-point cushion to team-mate Valtteri Bottas in the drivers' standings.

The outspoken Jordan is of the opinion that the Briton should now challenge himself elsewhere by taking on Max Verstappen at Red Bull.

“I personally believe that Lewis should go to Red Bull and not to Ferrari," said Jordan, speaking to Ziggo Sport.

“I’ll tell you that is perfect because the best young driver of all of Formula 1 at the moment is Max Verstappen. There is no question about it.

“His style, his speed, his intellect, his control on the track. Also his arrogance. And grand prix winners and grand prix champions need a level of arrogance. That is obvious."

With regard to Wolff, Jordan claims the team principal, who holds a 30 per cent stake in the Mercedes F1 team, should "take the money" and "get the hell out of there".

He added: "I'm sure he's getting tired of the situation. He's won all of these championships and he's created a myth around Lewis Hamilton and indeed the team.

"In life, you've got to remember that there is a very good time to get out and there's a very bad time to get out. And a very good time is now for Toto.

"If it was me, and I was his advisor, I would say: 'Get the hell out of there. Please, Toto. Take the money off the table. It will never get as good as this in the future'."

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Comments (9)


EJ is just a gossip monger and as Ron Denis did say " Every village needs its idiot ". Lewis/Toto will leave once records are broken for championships and Lewis has beated Schumachers records.

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very disappointed with the t-shirt lewis hamilton was wearing the last race. i am all for everyone's right to be treated equally and fair, and i think racism is horrible. i do not embrace anyone who is racist. i deplore them. but to make a clear cut statement that cops should be arrested in a case which is yet to be completed, and without knowing 90% of the facts, his t-shirt statement is offensive and wrong.

if the facts prove that the cops were wrong, justice will be served. but what hamilton either doesnt know or doesnt care about, is that the taylor woman was living with drug dealers, in a house where drugs were being sold, and her boyfriend shot at the cops. her death is horrible and not right. but dont just blame cops when you dont know. you're being no different than they are, and you lose a lot of people who want to support you.

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