Bottas working to become 'a better person and better driver'

Thursday, 11 january 2018, 08:13 , by Matthew Scott

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas has insisted he is not only working to become a better driver for the 2018 season, but a better person too as he attempts to close the gap between himself and his team-mate Lewis Hamilton, as well as Sesbastian Vettel of Ferrari.

Last season was Bottas' debut with the Silver Arrows and was brought in due to Nico Rosberg's shock retirement after winning the 2016 world championship.

The Finn gained three wins and four pole positions in his maiden campaign with Mercedes and ended up finishing third in the championship rankings behind Hamilton and Vettel, but the gap between himself and the duo ahead was considerable. He has claimed he is working hard to make up the ground.

"I think the balance sheet is a bit up and down for me," Bottas said about his 2017 season.

"There were many good moments but many disappointments as well. Lewis won the title as my teammate so we had a car to do it and he beat me. So I've learned a lot and that's why I'm really looking ahead."

Bottas thinks he drove well last campaign, but admits he needs to improve on his 'consistency' and the finer 'details'.

"I think the difficult races were the ones where I learned the most," he continued.

"I feel last season gave me a lot to work on to be a better person and driver and that's always positive. That's why I can't wait for the future."

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Comments (11)

  • Joe Studd
    Room for improvement on the driving side, maybe, but why does he have to become a better person? He's always seemed like a really nice guy to me.
  • Ab Duncan
    he is already a good enough person?? if this means he is aiming to "be more lewis" .no thank you
  • Paul Keith Holmes
    He will only be allowed to become good to a certain point... Or Louise will start crying
  • Paul Robbie
    Better person??? He is one of F1's nice guys very humble.
  • Karl Davy
    im pretty sure your gona see danny ric in his seat in 2019
  • Bob Deitrich
    Didn't think he was a bad person or a bad driver.
  • Jason Hunt
    needs to out shine ricciado this year
  • Carlos José Espínola Basualdo
    Bottas is a shit driver
  • Timmy Räikkönen
    He needs to grow a pair

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