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Wolff: Hamilton can become the best ever, and he knows it

Wolff: Hamilton can become the best ever, and he knows it



Wolff: Hamilton can become the best ever, and he knows it

Wolff: Hamilton can become the best ever, and he knows it

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes that some sports people can become complacent after gaining a certain amount of success, but insists this does not describe five-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, whom he believes can become the greatest driver in Formula 1 history.

The Brit has said previously he doesn't want to continue competing for many more years, but signed a contract extension with Mercedes in 2018 which enables him to compete for more driver's titles.

He is currently two championships behind Michael Schumacher on seven, and Wolff thinks Hamilton has the desire to do so and become the best of all time.

"There are athletes who, after many successes, are no longer able to motivate themselves because they have made good money and are recognised," Wolff told Stuttgarter Nachrichten newspaper.

"But it's different for Lewis. He manages to reinvent and reinvigorate himself over and over again. It's a remarkable ability that he has. He can become the greatest racing driver of all time and he knows it."

The 2019 F1 season gets under way this weekend in Australia, and Wolff concedes that Ferrari has the faster car for the moment, but Mercedes may opt to change their aerodynamic design ahead of the Spanish GP.

"By the end of the test, we had a better understanding of our car and we looked reasonable in terms of our speed compared to Ferrari," the Austrian continued.

"However, based on our calculations regarding the amount of fuel in the cars, we see Ferrari in the front."

One of the reasons for Ferrari's advantage is that the Maranello team, and its satellite outfit Alfa Romeo, appear to have aced the front wing design for the new 2019 regulations.

"If another concept turns out to be the better one, it may be that at the fifth grand prix in Barcelona, or shortly thereafter, everyone will be changing their aerodynamic designs."

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