Webber: Alonso's sports car venture a 'distraction' from F1

Thuesday, 09 january 2018, 07:57 , by Matthew Scott

Former Formula One and sports car driver Mark Webber has insisted that Fernando Alonso's venture into sports car racing will prove to be a 'distraction' from his F1 commitments following the Spaniard completing sports car testing at Daytona ahead of his competitive debut at the end of January.

Alonso has not won the driver's championship for over a decade and has recently spoken of a desire to go for motorsport's 'triple crown' which would include wins at the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500, and Le Mans.

He intends to try and achieve this in addition to his F1 schedule and has been at Daytona this week testing out sports cars, but Webber believes it is a mistake to spread himself so thinly over the disciplines.

"No, it's a mistake," he told Automoto.

"They are two totally different things that both absorb a lot of mental energy. I think if you're doing F1 you can't afford distractions -- it (F1) is so specific that it doesn't allow room."

Nico Hulkenberg successfully won Le Mans whilst also competing in F1 a couple of years ago, but Webber thinks this was a different situation to Alonso as the latter will be under much more pressure with McLaren this season.

"That was with a second-rate team in F1. The pressures are different," Webber said of Hulkenberg winning Le Mans.

"He [Hulkenberg] was also with the top Le Mans team and that simplified things a lot."

Webber went on to praise Alonso as a driver, and even suggested he could win at Daytona at the end of the month.

"If he wins it would be amazing. He's a driver with talent unlike almost anyone else in the world. It would be fantastic, but it will not give him anything," he said.

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  • Blaž Štremfelj
    Because he can only win in a top 2 car, with the whole team 100% focused on him, giving him a car that is suited 100% to him, and even then his only motivation and benchmark is to beat his team mate. As soon as he is ahead, that is his maximum, and he cant drive the team further on from that point.
  • William Scalzitti
    Racers race, haters hate. ALL the great racers of the 50s 60s 70s raced every type of car, in every type of race, every weekend they could. Only week minds get distracted.
  • Mike Liatto
    He's a racer, he needs some positive results, if not in F1 then abroad. Let the man race. I thought he did a great job in Indy.

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