Britain could lose Grand Prix - Warwick

Thuesday, 09 january 2018, 07:05 , by Matthew Scott

Former Formula One driver Derek Warwick has confessed that the possibility of Great Britain losing the Grand Prix at Silverstone is real and that 2019 could be the last race at the famous track, with talks ongoing for a better deal for the circuit.

Warwick stepped down as the president of the British Driving Racer's club after Silverstone triggered the break clause in its Formula One contract, with chiefs believing the current deal was not financially beneficial.

The 63-year-old has insisted that hosting the race at Silverstone with the current format is simply too expensive, even though talks with Liberty Media are ongoing in regards to an extension to the contract.

"The grand prix is too expensive, we're losing money and that's why we triggered the break clause," Warwick told the Jersey Evening Post.

"Britain is the home of motor sport. Does that mean there will always be a British grand prix? Absolutely not.

"Of course we want a British grand prix and for it to stay at Silverstone, but we want it to be affordable so that we can make just enough money to reinvest in the circuit. We can't do that under the present deal," he insisted.

Silverstone is one of the most famous circuits in the history of Formula One and first hosted the British Grand Prix in 1948. The last victory at the British GP came via Britain's own Lewis Hamilton.

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  • Richard Harrold
    I don't blame the BRDC one bit. They've been running the Grand Prix at a loss for years, having to subsidise it heavily by effectively levying an tax on grass-roots events in order to keep it viable. F1 has got to get its venue costs down...
  • Martin Hossell
    This ain’t new news. We know it’s coming to an end, so unfortuntely it very much looks like 2019 will be the last Silverstone race. Hopefully we can still have a British Grand Prix though
  • Ted Reimann
    If Silverstone pisses around too much then Donington or Brands should be considered and upgraded. That would stop the blackmail.
  • Sandy Robertson Hudson
    Don't you think it's important for the reigning champion to have a home track!???
  • Mark Darlington
    Just attention seeking to get more money. If they dont want it then bye !
  • Jeroen Janssen
    Christiaan Iedema Maikel Iedema Davy Vanhee Laurens Balcaen
  • David Wenden
    Oh my goodness, here we go again
  • Sally Harris
    Steve Burt Jonathan Bell

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