2018 technical rule changes

Monday, 08 january 2018, 06:18 , by Matthew Scott

There were many controversial technical rule changes which were introduced in Formula One back in 2017, and although the upcoming season doesn't have as many, Liberty Media are still evolving the sport in 2018. Here are the key rule changes you should know.

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  • Dave Bellamy
    It would be nice if there was an article about F1 rule changes. There’s no article at all.
  • Pranay Sarkar
    But the technical changes are directed by the FIA... Liberty doesn't have a say in it
  • David Wynne
    Hope there is one about driving your car in to the side of another on purpose... race disqualification.
  • Matt Stringer
    That front suspension trick was pretty neat.
  • Paul Ottley
    Scott Bennett

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