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Dutch GP circuits at odds over hosting

Dutch GP circuits at odds over hosting



Dutch GP circuits at odds over hosting

Dutch GP circuits at odds over hosting

There will be a Dutch Grand Prix in "Zandvoort, or not at all". That is the claim of Jan Lammers, a former F1 driver who is now the spokesperson for a potential 2020 return to the calendar for the Dutch track.

Recently, a letter emerged that indicated a deal in principle is in place between Zandvoort and Liberty Media, with a contract to be signed no later than March 31.

But Assen, another Dutch circuit, says it is still in the running.

"There are a lot of untruths around this," Lammers told Algemeen Dagblad newspaper.

"The confusion doesn't help the Dutch Grand Prix, but unfortunately this is the arena in which this must be played."

He insists that Assen is actually not an option.

"The promoters try to make us believe otherwise, but Assen has not been an option for some time," said Lammers.

"There will be a grand prix of the Netherlands in Zandvoort or not at all. Then they would go to America or Asia."

Assen promoter Jos Vaessen, however, insists a deal is still possible

"Jan Lammers can say what he wants, but we are still in the picture," he said. "At the end of February we have another meeting with FOM planned."

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Sun 05 Jul

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