Rosberg: F1 has to go electric

Thursday, 24 january 2019, 09:57 , by Matthew Scott

Former Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg says it "wouldn't make sense" for the sport to continue using petrol engines in the future, as the automotive world begins to pivot towards electric power and other fuel sources in an attempt to clean up the planet's atmosphere.

Rosberg has championed eco-friendly racing for some time and is a minority stakeholder in the all-electric Formula E.

F1's motorsport director Ross Brawn has suggested that the pinnacle of motorsport could follow the suit of FE in the future, something that Rosberg sees more as a certainty.

"If the whole world is selling electric cars, or hydrogen-powered cars, Formula 1 can't still be running on petrol engines, that wouldn't make sense," Rosberg told the BBC.

"At some point they will have to switch I believe.

"Two years ago, everybody was like: 'Nah, nah, electric cars', and now even some of the craziest petrolheads are already starting to be open-minded about it and it's starting to become cool very quickly."

Since retiring in the aftermath of his title win, Rosberg has invested in many eco-friendly projects, a sphere he says the high-pressure environment and lightning decision-making of F1 has helped him in.

He added: "When I was a Formula 1 driver I was completely focused just on what I was doing and then when it stopped it was all gone and I had to look at the world and say, 'what's out there?'.

"I'm bringing this fast lane approach to the slow lane and I really believe that's a strength because F1 is so hyper fast-paced, even decision making.

"There's so much talk, talk, talk [in electric automobiles] but little action sometimes. This is something I learned in F1 and I can really transfer this over and it could be really beneficial."

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Comments (132)

  • Chris Harris
    As long as fuel is plentiful and cheap for cars, electric racing will be a passing amusement. There is no shortage of crude oil - quite the opposite. The US is drowning in crude oil now. There is no economic need for mass electric cars on the road. F1 needs to go in the opposite direction back to V10 orV12’s.
  • Stacey Robinson
    Why are people having a go? His point is valid, if the whole world is using electric powered engines because they are the future, f1 will surely have to follow suit...its not like hss talking about it being any time soon or that he's singlehandedly championing it.
  • Daniel Cooke
    Fine by me, because you’re never getting those sweet V10’s back anyway. When I was at Spa the F1 cars sounded pathetic next to the F3 and Porches, they might as well be electric already.
  • Michael Hess
    It would be about as interesting as going to a sign language rock concert. I've haven't made it to an F1 race yet. Only Moto GP and Indy cart but the sound is a huge part of the show
  • Jack Schwartz
    absolutely not. I will never watch again as soon as that happens. E cars cannot finish a race without a car switch...or did they finally just make it to the end of a race? Terrible
  • Mark Hornsby
    Nope .. and I even resent it when BBC Sport post inane drivel about Formula E on the F1 pages rather than on the general motorsport pages. Formula E is NOT Formula 1E.
  • Christopher Thiesen
    If the world goes to only electric cars eventually F1 will have to go to all electric to stay relevant. But that time is hopefully at least 10 years away !!!
  • Teymur Regenmaister
    Please anybody tell him.. Ih each interview he gives he speaks how he won Ham in 2016 but it is only bcs Ham's engine in Malaysia burned
  • Stiliyan Nachev
    This guy just completely lost his mind.... What a prick lol. He was pussy doing his F1 period and even bigger pussy with silly comments now.
  • Blaine Krasky
    Hey Nico shut up ... you are no longer relevant. You took your ball and went home, didn’t even defend your title. Full electric?!?! What a b*tch.
  • Stefan Stoica
    Well, at some point the fossil fueled engine will be we will have to use electricity or maybe something better...
  • Philip Gonzalez
    As long as the rules offer a no limit and allow crazy engineers to make bat shit crazy HyperSonicCars then yea.
  • Per Axblom
    Om not sure. You still watch horse races on TV? Why can road cars be electric and F1 have gasoline V12 engines?
  • Robert Maik
    Rosberg needs to shut the fuck up. Read the writing on the walls... you’re not relevant to F1, and sadly, never have been.
  • Keith De Monge
    F1 needs to go back to the 70s & 80s where it was a proper sport..... not like the rubbish that they call f1 now!!
  • Christer Kangas
    I am a massive fan of F1. Love how they sound. But after seen the documentary Before the flood I totally agree with Rosberg.
  • Simon Davis
    We have an all electric formula, and its less entertaining than watching the kids play with RC cars down the park.
  • Karl Davy
    rosberg do u not have an investment in formula e let me guess your looking to sell some of those formula e patents
  • Lee Eyre
    I have never agreed with or liked anything Rosberg said, except when announced he was leaving F1.
  • Ken Peach
    getting bored with it now and it costs me money...time to swap for some better racing...motogp

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