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F1 confirm two races will drop off 2020 calendar

F1 confirm two races will drop off 2020 calendar



F1 confirm two races will drop off 2020 calendar

F1 confirm two races will drop off 2020 calendar

Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey has confirmed that two current races will make way on the 2020 calendar for the Vietnam Grand Prix and another race – likely the returning Dutch Grand Prix. With a Hanoi street race already confirmed, a return to Zandvoort is expected to be rubber-stamped next week.

Widespread reports have suggested that Zandvoort will replace the Circuit de Catalunya on the F1 calendar, with much scrutiny on the decision ahead of this weekend's Spanish GP.

It is unknown which other race will drop off the calendar, although Silverstone, Mexico City and Hockenheim all have deals that expire at the end of the season.

F1 managing director Ross Brawn recently told Sky Sports: "Despite the pessimism, I'd be surprised if we lose any of the races we have."

However, speaking on a conference call following the release of Liberty's Q1 financial results, Carey's tune was decidedly different.

"We're in the process of finalising our 2020 race calendar," Carey said.

"We have agreements in principle on two renewals, and are actively engaged on three other renewals.

"In addition we have already announced our race in Hanoi, and construction has begun on the track and facilities.

"In addition to Hanoi, we also have an agreement in principle to add another new circuit to our calendar in 2020.

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"We've not finalised the number of races in 2020, but we currently expect it to be 21, the same as 2019.

"Obviously the math means that we will not be able to renew all our current races."

Carey has previously suggested that the F1 calendar could contain up to 25 races and he once again returned to the theme of swelling the schedule even further.

He added: "We clearly have demand for more than 21 races in 2020, and do expect that number of races in a year will increase slightly after 2020.

"However we want to make sure that we're maximising the opportunities for the sport and fans, and not rush to decisions.

"And we do believe that a limited expansion of the calendar, and churn, are important for creating a fresh and exciting dynamic for fans and for our ongoing growth."


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