Will Liberty Media bring an F1 race to London?

Wednesday, 19 december 2018, 11:52 , by Matthew Scott

The prospect of a street race through the British capital London has been raised once again, with Ross Brawn suggesting a plan to make the race happen, while the city's mayor has expressed an interest in welcoming the pinnacle of motorsport.

A London race has been mooted for many years, with former F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone having looked into its potential for many years.

He recently suggested that a deal would be impossible to complete owing to the logistical issues to overcome.

However, Brawn has suggested that Liberty Media could find a workaround to make the race happen.

"I think because F1 is a week-long activity minimum, the disruption it would cause in the centre of London would be unacceptable," Brawn told the London Evening Standard.

"I don't think Londoners really need to worry about us taking over the centre of London for a week.

"But there are things on the periphery that are being explored - not slap-bang in the centre of London but Greater London.

"London is an iconic city with a massive history in the sport and there's huge enthusiasm here."

The plans would likely have backing from London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has previously spoken of his desire to bring NFL's Super Bowl to the city.

"London is always open to hosting the world's biggest and best sport events – from the final of UEFA Euro 2020 to the NFL, and the Cricket World Cup to Major League Baseball.

"The Mayor believes that it should be possible to organise a race in London in the future and has asked his team to explore options with F1."

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  • Karl Davy
    firstly a week of chaos on london streets ... are you fucking serious ... this will prob result in a negative financial gain ... secondly anouther street circuit ... nope nope nope nope the street circuits just dont work the sport is boring as it is lets introduce anouther circuit that will provide 0 overtaking oppertunity !!!
  • Chris Matthews
    No thx.. Imagine how many speeding tickets, bus lane infringements, congestion zone, zero emissions and other assorted fines the Mayor will hit them with
  • Derek Devlin
    As an big f1 fan and as a londoner i say hell no traffic is terrible as it is without closing down half of the city for 5 days. And street tracks are boring
  • Philip Butcher
    No because racing cars that have combustion engines are banned from street racing in the UK. I Cant see it ever changing
  • Bartosz Lenik
    No! I dont want another boring street circuit! I want Imola back!
  • Debby Ingoldsby-Baillargeon
    after Toronto. We already have a street circuit in place for Indy!!
  • Barbara Gouin
    No you cannot shut a capital city down for 2 days
  • David Patrick
    First of all, they need to secure Silverstone!?
  • James Sell
    No. What’s wrong with silverstone
  • Steven Cohen
    Right after the NYC race
  • Farrukh Zaidi
    Please dont!
  • Alan Bradbury
    No thank you.
  • Dexter Williams
    Goodbye Silverstone.
  • Edgar Britos
    No... Silverstone yes
  • James Lewis
    Watkins Glen please

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