'Hamilton better than Schumacher and a match for Senna'

Monday, 17 december 2018, 08:40 , by Matthew Scott

Lewis Hamilton has earned his reputation as Formula 1's finest qualifier, according to Mark Webber, who ranks the current world champion as better than the great Michael Schumacher over one lap. Hamilton surpassed Schumacher's pole position record last year and has 83 poles to his name.

Although Schumacher ended his career with 68 poles, the likes of Ayrton Senna and Jim Clark have traditionally been held up as the one-lap kings of F1.

Both Senna (40.1%) and Clark (45.2%) took pole in a far greater proportion of races than Schumacher (22.1%), while Hamilton's pole percentage of 36.2% compares favourably to those greats of the past.

And Webber believes the record is in good hands, rating Hamilton as a one-lap master.

"In qualifying – I've said it once, I'll say it again – he's the best since Senna. I mean he is better than Michael over one lap," Webber told Speedcafe.

"Arguably he is definitely the best in the last, getting on for 40 years.

"He's up there with Ayrton on one lap.

"Lewis doesn't go off the road much on Saturdays but he's had this devastating turn of speed when he needs to turn it on."

Since his most recent title win, talk has now turned to Hamilton's ranking among F1's all-time greats and Webber believes he is certainly the best of any modern-day rivals – including repeat champions Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso.

"I don't know what his real weaknesses are, that is why he is so dangerous," Webber said.

"He has definitely had the measure of Sebastian of late.

"We know he is as strong as Fernando, so he's been hard work for all of us over the years and that's why he's got the track record that he has."

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  • Adrian Pink
    Senna Fangio Lewis Schumacher Clark Lauda In that order.... it's not about who won what or what it may say on paper... it about a deep understanding of what a racer is all about and Senna was the best by a long way... Out of them all he would also been the only driver till been able to of 1 in any era... born to race he was.... racing was in his blood.... modern F1 or even the last few years has changed a lot.... it's very hard to judge or compare....that said like I said you need to know or understand what a racer realy is.... and yes obviously the car is a big factor like when Seb won 4 on the trot... it was simply the car in his case.... and luck a year or two.... you have to judge not only in a bad car... but also when they are in that good car and buckle under the pressure... sum just simply stand out better than others by a long way take young Max.yes he can win if he sorts his head out.... and he will... but I don't think he will be up there....
  • James Wolford
    I think we will see next season if Hamilton is that good. This season definitely puts him in the running since two world champions in better cars for at least the first half of the season couldn’t take it away. I think he will have himself the most competitive season he has ever had with the closest to even cars we have seen in a long time with possibly 3 teams fighting for the championship. (Then the rules change and we are in for another 4 years of one manufacture dominance, yah!)
  • Nuno Leite Castro
    Senna 11 seasons, which 4 of them with under cars and the last season 4 races and... ( you know). Schumacher 19 seasons, 1 jordan/Benetton and you know the rest. But win % - Senna 25% SCH - 29% ; Poles Senna- 40% SCH - 22% ; Podiums- Senna 49% SCH- 50% so if you are clever, do the math and imagine if Senna was alive for the rest of his career....
  • Alexander King
    Really cant say this yet . Though he has broken a few record's held by both. I will reserve my thoughts for the day Hamilton retires. Then we can look at his career in its entirety and see the facts. Lewis is one of the great ones and will definitely be in the books ...
  • Jim Long
    I would agree that he’s better than Schumacher. Schumacher was a good balance of driver, politician and rules bender. But was really very lucky to have the period of dominance Ferrari had at that time, without any driver in his own team competing against him.
  • Aaron Dennis
    Six of Schumacher's seven championships were in the best car with very compliant teammates. Yes Hamilton has had the best car and team for the past five years but a compliant teammate for only the past two seasons. So at worst he is Schumacher's equal in that aspect.
  • Simon Sosa
    A former super experienced driver who knows pretty much everything about Formula 1 says Hamilton is equal to Senna Vs. Some uneducated paki who started watching F1 in 2011 says Hamilton is not, I wonder who I am to believe?
  • Tony Ford
    The statement 'Hamilton better than Schumacher and a match for Senna' implies that Senna is better than Schumacher, but remind me, how many Championships did Senna win compared with the most successful F1 driver of all time, Schumacher.
  • James Walsh
    He actually says the 'best qualifier' - perhaps on paper, but he's had by far the best car for 4+ years so I would be worried if not. Clearly talented, but Senna and Schumacher over Hami all day, every day!
  • Michael Dy Shive
    Seriously? They’re comparing a little boy who depends heavily on a button to give him extra power and torque over two legends who used pure and raw engine power and sheer driving skill?
  • Aidan Millward
    Hamilton hasn't punted another driver off to try and win a championship. Schumacher and Senna have. That's one point in his favour at least...
  • Tyler Saulay
    Mark Webber said Lewis is better over one lap than Schumacher. Said Lewis is the best since Senna. Later added Lewis is up there with Senna.
  • Aranas Jude
    LH beaten twice in a very strong car (2007 and 2016)... SCHUMI beaten 1s in a strong car (2006).. 2005 was a bad year due to tyre war...
  • Warren Herbert
    I am a Hamilton fan. BUT, until Lewis eclipses ALL, ALL, of Schumacher's records the claim cannot be be made that he is better.
  • Ruth Johnson
    Slightly misleading headline and question! The quote from Mark Webber finishes with "...over one lap"!!
  • Sheldon Pillay
    Who’s gives a foooook about what Mark Webber has to say ?
  • Biswajyoti Gublu
    who wants to hear what he talks?
  • Rodrigo Gallardo
    In a similar car, Hamilton and Shumi, obviously Lewis has no chance.
  • Gabriel Abi Samra
    Even Rosberg beat Hamilton, not taking this seriously.
  • Brian O Donovan
    Hamilton has won 4 of his 5 world titles in the best car...

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