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Hamilton wants alternative to 'super-easy' F1 role

Hamilton wants alternative to 'super-easy' F1 role



Hamilton wants alternative to 'super-easy' F1 role

Hamilton wants alternative to 'super-easy' F1 role

Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he does not tend to think too much about what he will do when he finally retires from competitive action in Formula 1, but admits he is intrigued by alternative options than simply taking the "super-easy" route of taking up a management role.

The Brit won his fifth world championship in the 2018 season which puts him two behind the all-time title winner, Michael Schumacher.

He is now regarded as one of the most famous athletes in the world, and with his increased fame has come interests in other industries such as fashion and charity work.

Hamilton doesn't know what comes after he finally steps away from the wheel, and doesn't seem particularly keen on the prospect of hanging around.

"I don't really know what's beyond F1," Hamilton said at a recent Hewlett Packard event.

"A lot of sportsmen and women, when they stop competing, they've done it their whole life. I've been racing since I was eight. All my focus has been on this.

"In my part-time role outside F1 I'm trying to figure out what else I want to do or get involved in.Naturally it's super easy for me to come to all the grands prix after I've been racing, even be the number two to Toto perhaps.

"I've been racing it for years, I know it just as well as anyone else.

"[But] I'm more intrigued to learn something new."

Hamilton's current Mercedes deal sees him with the team through 2020 which is before the new 2021 regulations are introduced by the FIA and Liberty Media. He has conceded that he will keep an interest in developments before making any further decisions.

"In 2021 the rules change a lot, Formula 1 is going through a bit of a dynamic shift with the new management," he continued.

"And the teams' agreement, which Toto is going to be working hard on, comes to a point which they have to renegotiate.

"So, I'm keeping my ears close to the ground about the future."

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Thu 21 May

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