Rosberg doesn't pick Hamilton as 2018's best driver...

Monday, 26 november 2018, 08:24 , by Matthew Scott

Max Verstappen's glowing second half of the Formula 1 season was enough to see him end 2018 as the grid's top performer – perhaps even ahead of champion Lewis Hamilton – according to the Mercedes man's former teammate and rival Nico Rosberg.

Verstappen spilled points as a result of driving errors in five of the opening six races of the season  -matters coming to a head when a practice crash in Monaco denied him the chance to compete in a race that Red Bull teammate Daniel Ricciardo won in dominant fashion.

However, the Dutchman responded superbly, taking to the podium in 10 of the subsequent 15 races and showing the kind of performances that have billed him a champion-in-waiting.

Rosberg was among those critical of Verstappen in the early months of the campaign, but hailed his stunning turnaround.

"He showed he learnt from those mistakes at the beginning of the season, the speed was always there," Rosberg said on Sky Sports.

"In the second half, he's put it all together and maybe he's been even the best driver out there.

"He's done a phenomenal job, the car has improved as well so the package is better. It's been really fun to watch."

Rosberg believes Verstappen could emerge as a genuine title challenger in 2019, although it all depends on Honda's ability to put Red Bull in position.

He added: "It takes a while to learn unless you're Lewis Hamilton.

"He's been growing a lot, he's just a little on the edge too much all the time.

"He has to reel that bit a little bit, he's understood that. If he's got the car next year, he can be a contender for the championship."

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  • Aranas Jude
    What do u expect from a man who were kick his ass multiple times by LH during his tenure in MB... M not a Lewis fan but the man was given a free F1 crown for being a brat and a genuine looser...
  • Tony Ford
    I didn't rate Rosberg as 2016's best driver either. He only won the championship because Lewis suffered a number of nechanical failures earlier in the season
  • Gary Allan
    Lulu with his backwards baseball cap shows all the class of a 10 year old boy going out to play. That is how a champ greets his public huh?
  • Per Axblom
    Did he really learn? He drive into Vettel at Suzuka, Ocon i Brazil and Bottas in Abudabi. What else did I miss?
  • Karl Davy
    how can he rate a guy who had 15 podiums better than the guy who won going up against equal of not better cars ???
  • Devin Pense
    Does everyone forget that Max did the exact same thing in 2017? Horrible at the beginning, then got better as the season went on.
  • Tom Mefford
    Who gives a crap what a over rated shit driver thinks. He needs to go run his karting business and leave F1 to the real drivers
  • ????? ??????
    Sky Sport just won't understand that the only good commentator and ex F1 driver is Martin Brundel.
  • Jonathan Carre
    Haha Rosberg trolling Lewis fans again! And they fall for it every time!
  • Bernadette Bhagwan-Hussain
    Who cares what Rosberg thinks. His win was a fluke handed to him on a silver platter.
  • Sharon Cummings
    And what would he know, he did a runner after winning in 2017
  • Daniel Barratt
    Yeh the car did all the hard work nico ???
  • Aubrey Williams
    Not surprised, he's a bit of a twat, Nico
  • S.s. Crerar
    Who gives a shit what Rosberger says
  • Henk Poolen
    Ahhh here are the haters
  • Paulo Dos Santos
    I don’t give a rat tinny ass about Nico
  • Memo Lara
    Nico, Nico... Cállate el ocico!
  • Wojtek Szaba?a
    Hamilton fans are fucked up. arrogant pigs
  • Jody Harrison
    Sergey Sirotkin got robbed! he won the poll.
  • Flanagan J-b Nick
    Get over the thorn in your side you sour german

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