Verstappen rages at Red Bull after 'f***ing disaster' quali

Saturday, 24 november 2018, 12:03 , by Matthew Scott

Max Verstappen was left furious after a "f***ing disaster" of a qualifying session for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which he put down to his Red Bull team putting him out on track with overheated tyres. Verstappen qualified sixth at the Yas Marina Circuit, behind teammate Daniel Ricciardo.

Verstappen's struggles were not limited to the top-10 shootout as a failure to get a good enough time in Q2 on ultrasoft tyres left him needing to salvage a Q3 spot on hypersofts – meaning he will start the race on the more fragile tyre.

The five drivers ahead will all start on the harder compound, meaning they can run longer into the race.

Verstappen issued a foul-mouthed summary of things to his team at the end of Q3 and later said his frustrations were amplified in the heat of the moment.

"It's just a natural reaction," Verstappen said. "I lost the car, I went off, so I was just disappointed I couldn't finish that lap.

"It was just in the heat of the moment as it was just not our qualifying. I could feel straightaway I was sliding too much then of course you keep on trying and trying and it's not working and when I went off I was like 'Ah for fuck sake'.

"They were a bit hot. I think they were too hot already before and I said maybe we should do something a little bit different.

"I went out of the box and they were even warmer so then I had to slow down even more and then at one point you can't heat up your brakes like you want to into turn 1 and stuff so yeah, it all got a bit compromised."

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Comments (39)

  • Adrian Mark
    Just goes to show Max has zero class, one minor thing happens that he believes causes him to qualify in 6th and he instantly blasts his team publicly, meanwhile Ricciardo suffers 8 DNF’s and he doesn’t behave that way.
  • Jason Ronan
    Excuses excuses! Foul mouthed little brat! He doesn’t have the maturity to be a world champion. Face it you brat, DR was faster than you! Learn to take responsibility for your results crashtappen
  • Bob Wheeler
    Max is showing his aggression, which has been quite frequently of late. If he keeps throwing shade at his own team, he is liable to end up driving a taxi in Amsterdam.
  • Joseph Calleja
    He needs to control his temper, or at least remember the mistakes he makes ( ex. qualifying crash in Monte Carlo ) before criticising his own team.
  • Mark Andrew
    I can't wait for next season when they push that Honda engine beyond its limits, and enter the 'unreliable zone'.
  • Anzel Potgieter
    Verstappen needs to start acting like an adult. Hes not a teenager anymore who can throw tantrums at everything.
  • Tyler T
    Mentions a "f***ing disaster" of a qualifying yet doesn't share the entire quote....makes sense
  • James Dingley
    Sounds like he is throwing his toys out of pram... Blame the team, take responsibility for yourself.
  • Johan Kloppers
    Playing the blame game while losing his shit is becoming a bit of a habit for this princess
  • Yvonne Shane
    OMG..... really grow up you sook!!!! Grow a set and take what happens as a learning curve,
  • Eber Shibin
    I feel bad for that unfortunate future victim of Max Verstappen.. What an insane bastard..
  • Karl Davy
    he should appreciate it he will be lucky to get into the top 10 shoot out next year
  • Greg Tanner
    If he’s not careful he will become unemployable cause he’s acting like a little baby
  • Vishal Maharaj
    Awe... Thought he was surprised by how quick they were yesterday... Lol
  • Sheila Goodwin
    Marko will not be pleased with this outburst. Watch it Max Marko is not to be trusted!!!!
  • Lia Loyz
    Just because Danny beat him??.. This Max is full of crap
  • Bruno Borges
    He better control himself. Next year it could be harsh.
  • Tyler Saulay
    Wait till he's got that Honda engine. We will se3 some rage.
  • Barbara Gouin
    He needs to control his temper and his language and grow up
  • Joël Uit Holland
    Dear Max hate website, Max wil be champion in 2019

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