VIDEO: F2 race starts with TERRIFYING crash!

Saturday, 24 november 2018, 09:53 , by Matthew Scott

The Formula 2 Abu Dhabi feature race began with a terrifying crash as DAMS' Nicholas Latifi stalled on the line and was run into by the Trident of Arjun Maini. FIA race director Charlie Whiting had to duck in the observation tower above the pit straight as debris flew. Luckily everyone involved escaped unharmed.

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  • Mihai Alex
    I thought Verstappen was running in F1? What s he doing in an F2 race?
  • Eduardo Aparicio
    The horrific crash at Maçau last week and today this...
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    Candido Fernandez Perez Catia Fernández Alonso
  • Ben Darwent
    Mathew James Wilson Chris James Hugo
  • Zachary Beachler
    Greg this is why
  • Lee Le Viellez
    Shaun Barette
  • Thomas Petty
    Darryl Stafford

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