Ricciardo 'broken' by Verstappen in 2018

Friday, 23 november 2018, 04:11 , by Matthew Scott

Daniel Ricciardo has been "100 percent broken" by Max Verstappen at Red Bull in 2018, prompting him to escape to Renault, according to Dutch racing driver turned Formula 1 pundit Tom Coronel. Ricciardo enters the season-ending Abu Dhabi GP with a 76-point deficit to his teammate, having been outqualified by Verstappen 14 times in 20 races.

Ricciardo's season has mixed two particular highs – victories in China and Monaco – with several lows, including a season-high eight DNFs, four of which have come in the eight races since he announced his 2019 switch to Renault.

Verstappen has ended the season in fine form, securing six podiums in the same stretch of grands prix – only champion Lewis Hamilton has outscored him in that timeframe.

And Coronel says Ricciardo will have been impacted mentally by seeing Verstappen enjoy such greater success in 2018.

"Ricciardo is 100 percent broken by Max", Coronel told De Telegraaf

"It's just going to gnaw at you when your teammate is constantly faster, while you have the same equipment, you can see in the data where it is, and you cannot [beat them].

"Then when you know there is someone on this planet that is faster than you, look, you're no longer a sportsman."

Coronel was similarly scathing when assessing Ricciardo's decision to join Renault in 2019, not expecting to see the Australian in a fight for honours with the French team.

"Renault, let's be very honest, is just a step back," he added. "They have the same engine as Red Bull, but Red Bull can score and Renault does not, so that means only one thing, and that is that you only go for the money because you know that you only have three to five years to go in Formula 1." 

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  • Russell Sandiford
    That's rubbish. Max only overtook him after he decided to leave and very strangely as soon as Daniel Ricciardo announced he was leaving he had a HUGE string of retirements
  • Luigi Crisci
    Please. This Red Bulls' season it's been McLarens' 2007 season all over again: the team supporting just one driver and leaving the other to fend for himself. What a shame for Ricciardo.
  • Kankshit Bharos
    Was Webber a bad driver? No! Is Ricciardo a bad driver? No! Is Red Bull an Aussie driver f*%#g team? YES!!!
  • Garry Halverson
    Load of shit. Dan was flogging him until the car strangely kept breaking. ..
  • Per Axblom
    The problem is Christian Horner. He only seems able to take care of one driver at time.
  • Jon Keen
    The only think max breaks is his car and who ever runs into
  • Matt Mack
    Dutch commentators hot take on driver having 8 DNFs
  • Andrew Livingstone
    Riccardo broken by Verstappen !! Really want a wank read
  • Jonathan Carre
    I think 8 mechanical retirements broke Daniel to be honest.
  • Rob Udell
    Wow. A Dutchman saying how great Verstappen is. How unusual
  • Christine Muise
    Ricciardo is leaving because he is being treated like shit!!!
  • Michael Hess
    Nationalistic journalism at its best. Or worst........
  • Frederick Fong
    No....its because of Honda engines next year
  • Kevin Paul
    I think maybe the 8 DNF’s have more to do with it
  • Tony Beaumont
    What a complete load of shit
  • Gary Hilliard
    Verstappen broke all those cars?
  • Johan Van de Moosdijk
    Coronel is an idiot
  • Danny Jelley
    £20m per year at Renault
  • Gavan Mitchell
    lol what a load of rubbish.
  • Grant Broom
    Hope he eats his words

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