VIDEO: Hamilton nearly wipes out Sirotkin!

Saturday, 10 november 2018, 12:34 , by Matthew Scott

Lewis Hamilton has been incredibly consistent throughout 2018 on his way to a fifth world title, so it seems odd that his first major error of the season comes after his coronation. The Mercedes man almost smashed into Sergey Sirotkin in Q2 in Brazil. The stewards might be interested…

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  • Sebastien Duthu
    inconscient le type il as beau etre champion du monde ça reste un connard
  • Jeremy Long
    Not a penalty you moron it was Williams fault they were all happily ready for a lap
  • Gérard Hirondelle
    lol, you probably shouldn't be using the pirate twitch stream for your video source guys
  • Daniel Todoran
    Penalty penalti........ é penalti @
  • Andrew Jackman
    #Nothing to see here #UBERFLOG #imagineifitwastheotherwayround #FFS
  • Pedro Bustos
    Looks like Charlie will be getting a Gobby off lewis tonight..
  • Jacques Comarmond
    That was close.
  • David Martin
    Nothing will happen
  • Kristian Luso
    Clear penalty
  • Jarryd Veale
    Kris Janczuk

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