VIDEO: A virtual lap of the Vietnam GP

Thursday, 08 november 2018, 07:03 , by Matthew Scott

The Vietnam Grand Prix has caused a huge buzz in Formula 1, whether for good or bad. Whatever your view, you can't deny that you want to take a look at the track that will wind its way through the streets of Hanoi!

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Comments (35)

  • James Walton
    Dronesville, absolutely nothing interesting about racing cars in Vietnam except the dollars that Chase wants to take off the locals. Please go bust, Liberty.......
  • Christopher Pugh
    Watching this, the Red Bull engineers are probably pulling their hair out, while Mercedes and Ferrari are giddy.
  • Justin Re-Adjust Mitchell
    I thought that circuit was a joke at first. Those straights are ridiculous.
  • Michael Hess
    Hey F1 fanpage. Nobody wants to see another street circuit
  • Federico Tombolini
    Another "Sochi" with huge spaces between the track and the walls.
  • Johan Nieuwenhuis
    Ronald wie heeft dit gemaakt?? Baantje voor Henk en Jildert wel
  • Jordan Keep
    Where are you supposed to overtake in the corners?
  • Andrew Rumsey
    Looks like another one season track give us some real tracks
  • ????? ??????
    Yep, stop trying to make it cool. It's not!
  • Kandarp Rajyaguru
    The driver is so late on gas every time
  • Dusan Milovanovic
    Beautiful country and the track looks like shit.
  • Zachary Barker
    Mike Look how long those straights are.
  • Ben Hall
    Rod Hall Glenn Cox Sean Jacobsen
  • Tim Plucka Duck Gainey
    Who's driving that thing Stevie Wonder
  • Miguel Rados
    Shittiest track ever in a beautiful country.
  • Kristian Finn
    Troy Brudenell Adrian Finn Ben James Dean Wilson
  • Anuj Mathur
    Indian grand pix Is much better
  • Kristian Karadjov
    Valtteri Entola Antero Koskinen
  • Chris Ford
    Isaac Price is this you driving?
  • Karl Davy
    whoever did the setup for that car needs shot

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