Vettel pinpoints moment he lost title to Hamilton

Monday, 29 october 2018, 06:23 , by Matthew Scott

Sebastian Vettel says his errors at the German and Italian Grands Prix are not to blame for his failure to beat Lewis Hamilton in the 2018 Formula 1 title race. Hamilton was crowned world champion for the fifth time at the Mexican Grand Prix, seeing off Vettel and Ferrari for a second straight season.

Vettel's victories at Silverstone and Spa-Francorchamps this year were quickly tempered in the grands prix that followed.

After ending Hamilton's winning run at his home race, Vettel could not follow it up with a home triumph of his own – spinning out at the Sachs Kurve to let Hamilton through to win.

The Tifosi were also disappointed when Vettel collided with Hamilton in Italy and the Brit was able to get the better of Kimi Raikkonen.

Asked if Monza or Hockenheim was the turning point in his season, Vettel replied: "None of the two, to be honest. For me it was more Singapore.

"From Singapore onwards we just didn't have the pace to keep up with Mercedes for a couple of races. And then obviously some other things happened on top that didn't help and we couldn't score the points due to mistakes that we did, mistakes that I did.

"I can't be too hard on myself with what happened in Germany because it's not like… I've done much bigger mistakes this year but obviously it was the most costly one.

"Unfortunately it's part of racing: when you push you might be sometimes pushing a little bit too hard. I chose the wrong corner as well.

"But anyway, it's behind me and I'm not really thinking about that too much. I consider it part of racing and it happens to others as well.

"Seeing that [we] struggled in the last couple of weeks, just for pace and speed, was probably more defining than that."

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  • Adrian Tanase
    noy true, how can you say that germany and italy mistakes did not matter?! both times ham. won and that were 50 points gained!!! instead he throws the blame on the team, totally not fair. also, if the upgrades did not work and he was not happy with them, why didn't he just asked the mechanics to revert to the older specs? he could do that easily, it was his call. but he doesn't admit his mistakes, only the team is to blame from his point of view. not fair at all!!
  • Steven Miller
    Huh? Ferrari still had plenty of pace in Singapore, Lewis and Max shot lights-out in qualifying to get ahead of them. Hockenheim was a big blunder, but the title race could still have been rescued. Monza sealed Vettel's fate, Lewis roasted Ferrari on their own turf.

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