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Alonso sees 'appeal' in NASCAR, Daytona 500

Alonso sees 'appeal' in NASCAR, Daytona 500



Alonso sees 'appeal' in NASCAR, Daytona 500

Alonso sees 'appeal' in NASCAR, Daytona 500

Fernando Alonso has talked up a potential appearance in NASCAR's Daytona 500 after the McLaren star teased an appearance in the United States' stock-car championship. Alonso appeared in a video with seven-time cup series winner Jimmie Johnson ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix.

Although a move to IndyCar, and pursuit of a 'Triple Crown'-clinching Indianapolis 500 victory, is most likely on Alonso's agenda for 2019 when he leaves Formula 1, Alonso would not rule out Stateside trips to race in other categories.

The Daytona 500 is generally held in February, meaning Alonso could make a guest appearance alongside his World Endurance Championship commitments with Toyota and a potential IndyCar campaign.

"Well, it's one of those iconic races that definitely they are great," Alonso said of a potential appearance at Daytona.

"And they are very important in motorsport. There is appeal in all these kind of events."

Asked if he had a NASCAR move in mind for 2019, he said: "Not really. I mean it's definitely another series that is attractive. As all the motorsport series, they have their good things, their bad things, their appeal sometimes.

"And we know NASCAR is one of the great series in motorsport.

"Obviously, I have never tested the car, I have zero information about the championship, the rules. So it's a very difficult thing to judge. But yeah, let's see what will happen there.

"What I will do next year is more based on how it makes me feel happy, and trying to make something special – as I said many times, being the best driver in the world, of motorsport, not only F1.

"I'm checking a couple of things, and hopefully by October or something like that, in one month's time, I hope to get everything done, and say to you."

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