Raikkonen reveals 'options' for 2019

Sunday, 02 september 2018, 13:33 , by Matthew Scott

Kimi Raikkonen mysteriously suggested that his options for 2019 in Formula 1 remain open after the Italian Grand Prix was played out against a backdrop of renewed reports that he will lose his Ferrari seat to Scuderia junior Charles Leclerc next season.

Raikkonen was unable to convert his first pole position of 2018 into Ferrari's first home win since 2010 as Lewis Hamilton got the better of the Finn with eight laps to go after a thriller at Monza.

Although Raikkonen is reported to have the backing of new Ferrari CEO Louis C. Camilleri, it emerged over the weekend that Leclerc has already signed a deal for next season - agreed with former president Sergio Marchionne before his passing in July.

A swell of support around Leclerc earlier in the campaign saw Raikkonen linked with a swap move to Sauber as well as his former team McLaren. When quizzed on his status, the Finn was typically enigmatic.

"There's always going to be options," he said.

"In life generally. It depends on what you want to do. It depends on a lot of things.

"So, we'll see in the future what will happen and that's about it."

It is now 109 grands prix since Raikkonen's last win in F1 - the 2013 season-opener in Australia - and the Finn has rarely come as close to ending his drought than here.

He explained afterwards, however, that victory had been rendered "impossible" by the state of his tyres after being backed into Hamilton by Valtteri Bottas.

"I think it was quick enough but unfortunately our rear tyres went and it was a losing battle since that point," he said.

"I tried but it was impossible in the end unfortunately. It's far from ideal but this is what we got today and we did our maximum.

"Yeah, I mean, for sure we tried, but if you look at the rear tyres, they gave up before the race ended but at least we take the second place and we keep fighting."


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Comments (29)

  • Michael Petrashko
    Ferrari use a clear, contracted number 1 driver and number 2 driver system. Kimi has delivered the best number 2 points position in 15 years at Ferrari in 15 years and people want to dump him? This system works if you have a great number 1 which Vettel is not. He can’t race wheel to wheel without frequent mishaps like today in Monza. Vettel consistently is the issue but focus is on Kimi each time while Kimi is experienced and can race wheel to wheel without mistakes like Lewis, Alonso, Botas, Ricciardo and others.
  • Steve Boswell
    Kimi must go. He cost Ferrari big at Monza. Kimi is known for slow first laps. Lewis known for fast aggressive first laps. Vettel was guaranteed to be squeezed. Ferrari was stupid to let it play like that. It was obvious Kimi was more interested in racing Seb than Mercedes. Had Ferrari put Vettel in front, he would have run away with the win. Ferrari would have had a nice one three finish.
  • Michael Durbin
    Kimi did a great job.today- it was Vettel who failed followed by poor decisions in Ferrari team strategy that cost them a win. Kimi actually SAVED them from further embarrassment.
  • Nick Osborn
    Kimi is to slow comments..um did you people actually watch the race ..pretty sure he started in p1..kimi is kimi and a great character of f1..
  • Michael Durbin
    Kimi raced very well today and is worthy of Ferrari’s gratitude. It was Seb and the team whonfailed today, not Kimi.
  • Jose Antonio Perez
    Ferrari needs someone who are ready to deliver and / or support the strategy not a child who comes to learn.
  • Simon Zappia
    After yet another rubbish performance by Vettel, he’s the one that should be dumped next year
  • Lukijan Plavsic
    Kimi is better than Vettel. Seb is the one responsible for not bringing championships back to Ferrari garage
  • Ragnar Bezerker
    And to think Ferrari could have had Ricciardo. They obviously don't want to win championships.
  • Mohamed Khaled
    If he retire or go else where He still remains ferrari's last champion
  • Muaid Sharif
    I don’t want to see him driving for Ferrari any more He is just to slow to old to tired!
  • Thomas Bachmann
    WRC, WRX, GT, Le Mans, Drift? Please do Rallycross against Loeb, Ekström and Petter!
  • Nihal Anand Shettigar
    Stay at Ferrari or quit F1 don't consider joining McLaren try rallycross wrc or le mans
  • Peter Simonetti
    “too” slow!? He came in 2nd. What does that make the guy who came in 3rd?
  • Christian Romero
    What i see is the whole team fail today and they call to early for box
  • Paul Brown
    Goodbye fan page. I can’t believe the garbage spewing out if people’s mouths.
  • Robert DeCastro
    Kimi had this race won..reason he won't be back with Ferrari next year.
  • David Hendrickson
    Ferrari is the biggest joke of all time if they let him go and replace him with a rookie
  • Carlos Manuel Gonzalez
    Lamentablemente le falta agresividad
  • Pia Ylitalo
    Kimi will stay in ferrari of course

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