VIDEO: Did Hamilton forget the cameras are on?

Sunday, 26 august 2018, 11:36 , by Matthew Scott

Sitting in a red-hot cockpit through 44 laps of the Belgian Grand Prix can't be comfortable, so once you're finally out of the car - a bit of personal rearranging is in order. We're not sure if Lewis Hamilton might have wanted to do his in a room that didn't include a camera sending the pictures across the world though...

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  • Julia Crockett
    Is It not a known fact that a) it gets bloody hot in those cars which for any normal human leads to sweating and b) they drink a fair amount and can't pull up to the side of the track for a wee, not sure holding it would help the concentration much... Who cares anyway......
  • Sallianne Presswell
    This is not from sweating, he is drying himself from where he pisses himself in the car. Jenson button told the world he did this along with few other drivers, few years ago. Lewis has always done this, pretty much every race!!!
  • Gary Churm
    What a fuckin stupid fukin spot by such an imature fukin sport page.....what would you dickheads of made of James Hunt getting out of his McLaren M23 with his overalls full of PISS...??? thought so !
  • Martina Smith
    Natural instinct.... just because he is famous... doesn’t make him unhuman.... you scratch what’s itchy
  • Eduardo Aparicio
    I saw it when it was live. I could help but laugh so hard. Maybe he shit his pants when Vettel passed him!
  • Carlos Bracamonte
    It’s not a sex tape, calm down. It’s happens to everybody. Let’s report something worthwhile
  • Hilal Alonso
    and i remember webber on press conference..... he is forgot something to offf jajajajaj
  • Debjit Adak
    He probably shat his pants after that humiliating pass on the first lap.
  • Roberto Varriale
    Pulling the Klingons out after seeing vettel blast past him on way to the title
  • Mark Nolan
    Chris Baldwin when your half way thru the race and you start to get ior
  • Julio Alexis Gambarte
    Lorgio Campos luego de que vettel se la puso en la primer vuelta
  • Hayat Khan
    Nobody scratched their arse before?...a rude itch
  • Lawrence V. Gibson
    If I have a wedgie I’m pulling it out no matter who’s watching.
  • Dumea Eduard
    I was hopping he would stop but he's gone all the way
  • Daniel Sebergsen
    And he wiped his face just after...that's...umm...a fetiche?
  • Andy Robinson
    Charlotte Bleasdale not the only one to notice it
  • Jay Lees
    Even Legends get uncomfortable. I mean really.... who friggin cares
  • Erol Hacimusa
    Hey the guy can't help having a sweaty arse hole.
  • Gustavo Priore
    Dando aquela ajeitada na zorba
  • Halim Boucetta
    & he was like enjoying it !

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