VIDEO: Did Hamilton forget the cameras are on?

Sunday, 26 august 2018, 11:36 , by Matthew Scott

Sitting in a red-hot cockpit through 44 laps of the Belgian Grand Prix can't be comfortable, so once you're finally out of the car - a bit of personal rearranging is in order. We're not sure if Lewis Hamilton might have wanted to do his in a room that didn't include a camera sending the pictures across the world though...

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Comments (54)

  • Halim Boucetta
    & he was like enjoying it !
  • TJ Tombo
    Yeast infection in his mangina?
  • Alween Lopez
    His ass was taken by Assault.... by Ferrari.
  • Marco Struwig
    And none of you are human?? Wtf guys
  • Jaime Martinez
    Sacándole la fruta a la piñata
  • Kylie Nates
    Dangle berries
  • Chris Galaxy
    Saw this. Why didn’t camera pan up?
  • Michel Fernandez
    He can’t believe what Vettel did to Him
  • Sean Wampole
    Hey, when ya got a letter in the mailbox......
  • Richard Golen
    Goes to show....never trust a wet fart...
  • Sunesh Ramsunder
    Mishka Juggath The comments here
  • Rudi Mulder
    Macht wel pampers voor die klien KINT
  • Chris George
    Well, when you wear a thong....
  • John Collins
    The stick up his arse really bothering him
  • Lee Livingston
    Just pulling this head out his A##
  • Henrik Pedersen
    Number 2? :-P
  • Simon Rowe
    Probably changing his tampon
  • Steve Ellingson
    Just a little picky!!!
  • Kevin Gelly
    Roman Stepenko
  • Vasanth K Vettel
    Nandini Ahuja

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