Ferrari 'serious' about leaving Formula One

Sunday, 03 december 2017, 10:21

Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne says that the Scuderia are 'serious' about leaving Formula One over the proposed new engine changes and more even distribution of revenue between constructor teams even though he is now involved with Ferrari's second-string Alfa Romeo Sauber team.

The new owners of F1, Liberty Media, are planning to implement radical new engine changes which would see the focus shift over to reliability rather than speed.

When the proposals were announced, the main critics were Ferrari, Mercedes, and Renault, with the Italian manufacturer even going as far as to threaten to leave the sport altogether if compromises could not be met.

The changes would see a standardisation of engine parts and less money available for power units which would aim to level the playing field among all the teams.

Marchionne has urged the bosses of Liberty to take Ferrari's threat to leave seriously.

"The dialogue has started and will continue to evolve," he said at the presentation of the new Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 team.

"We have time until 2020 to find a solution which benefits Ferrari. The threat of Ferrari leaving Formula 1 is serious. The agreement with Sauber expires in 2020-2021, right when Ferrari could leave. We have to find a solution which is good for the sport but we also have to be clear on the things we can't back down on."

Marchionne went on to say he would rather Ferrari left than simply "play NASCAR globally."

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  • Mihai Alex
    All these suckers wishing farewell to Ferrari probably don't realise that if Ferrari leaves, F1 will die in a handful of seasons. Look at every track, at least half, if not more of the audience is wearing Ferrari and/or is cheering for Ferrari. Ferrari is the #1 constructor in F1 and without them audiences will drop tremendously. LM really doesn't afford losing Ferrari from F1 and if they're smart they should realize that FAST. F1 is a very costly competition to take part in. Ferrari can handle that kind of cost implications, but other manufacturers don't. You can't expect Hyundai or Kia to join F1, Jaguar is barely alive, Aston Martin is a sponsor for Red Bull and I doubt they'll have their own team/engine/chassis ,BMW is moving their whole business towards electric cars, so F1 is of no interest to them,and the american car companies don't even come into play 'cause they garbage. So all in all, F1 cannot afford losing Ferrari, after all, it s the single constructor to have been in the championship ever since it was founded
  • Allen Hilburn
    Sounds like they are trying to make F1 similar to IROC, which in a way would be interesting as it would actually determine who the best driver was, but it wouldn't be F1 anymore. F1 has always been a battle of technological innovation as well as a contest between drivers. In fact, I would like to see an end to all these penalties related to engine and transmission swaps. Let the winner of the race be determined on track, not in some backroom.
  • Francois Simard
    now that they can not force Bernie Bernard Bernie Ecclestone FOM entity to give them 120 millions a year they leaving LOLLLLL Lamborghini never got a dime who cares about mafia ferrari, if its not from the extortion of the formula 1 ferrari was never into formula 1 to begin with. go home
  • Gary Allan
    Going to/ watching F1 in the 80’s and 90’s was a true adventure. Lots of different competition and real racing. Cars today are so automatic. So predictable. Many more years of Mercedes dominance and they will kill the sport themselves. Time to start looking for another sport to love.
  • Mike Crawford
    Ferrari was always getting special treatment, including millions of dollars to stay involved. The new ownership wants a level playing field. Porsche is talking about getting into Formula One. Level the playing field, and let the cards fall where they may !!!!!!!!
  • Eduardo Villa
    If you think F1 can survive without Ferrari you started looking F1 3 years ago and think Mercedes is the big player here, F1 needs Ferrari even more than Ferrari needs F1, it would be bad business for both if they split.
  • Dagda Fachtna
    Fcuk off then, Ferrari...away and spit your dummies elsewhere..F1 needs to stop pandering to their huffy ego and say enough is enough and let them leave...I, for 1, could not give a flying fcuk
  • Carl Paton
    They should because F1 is a joke! Mercedes has an unfair advantage and everyone knows this and until the turbo 6 banger engines go bye bye there will be no racing just more Mercedes domination
  • Michael Shive
    You'll be sorry, LM. Ferrari has been around longer than you. Ferrari has been so integrated in the sport, they practically have more fans than all race teams combined. Lose that fanbase and lose the money.
  • Aaron Benitez
    Babies. Oh well I believe they have enough f1 titles to last a lifetime. Pretty much the "new York yankees" of f1 racing. Maybe we'll see more car makers join now.
  • Vernon Naicker
    If you're going to leave.....then leave. You been leaving F1 over the last 50 years... but the money so good, you stay anyway.... so whats new thos time?
  • Eli Hams
    A rule change that would make it more simple for someone new to come in an Ferrari leaves but they get 4 new constructors in the process..........screw um. Bye bye.
  • Mark Harris
    No. Spectator levels will drop which means sponsors will look elsewhere which means no money which means no f1 F1 is all about the money
  • Andy Bateman
    F1 is as much Ferrari as it is the other way around. They will never leave the sport and someone like Brawn will know that better than anyone.
  • Gordon Assur
    Of course it could... and would! Might even make for better racing if Ferrari & Merc. Money would be spread more evenly making a closer field!
  • Rob Whittaker
    Why would FCA be serious about leaving whilst pumping millions into alfa romeos return with sauber? It's just political bullshit
  • Robert Tangen
    Who really cares anymore. F-1 is barely racing anyway. Go LMP racing. More action, cooler tracks and fantastic looking cars.
  • Andy Hall
    Good, replace them with Audi, Porsche, Toyota and Aston Martin You make history, you don't get held ransom by it
  • Stephen Smart
    If Ferrari do pull out of F1 they go against everything Enzo wanted for the company!! He wanted to race against the Best!!
  • Eduardo Aparicio
    I doubt F1 will survive without Ferrari. Most fans are Ferrari fans. So no Ferrari= no fans...
  • Christopher Thiesen
    Liberty Media is trying to turn F1 into a SPEC RACE !!! I hate to say this ....but....bring back BERNIE !!!!!
  • David Kilponen
    Pfft, they’re not winning constructors titles or driver titles so they wanna bail. Pussies
  • Nicholas Papoulias
    Solution: Get Liberty Media out of Formula One racing. Liberty Media can f*ck up a one car funeral!
  • Job Cuellar Salazar
    Ferrari is one of the reasons why we all watch F1, and other teams are trying to be better...
  • Michael Mondor
    Liberty group will ruin F1 and it will become pathetically Americanized
  • Jorge Márquez
    No they won't. If so. Why not leaving now? They have "nothing to loose" eh!!!!
  • Samuel Belhumeur
    Ferrari always do this when they are not winning... now every year they do it.
  • Wullie Ormond
    Let them leave. Plenty of other manufacturers that can take Ferraris place
  • Conal Tang
    Ferrari fan base has dominated F1 for decades. They leave, the sport goes backwards
  • Damon Edhouse
    Good riddance and take red bull with you as they are always threatening to leave also
  • Claudio Souza de Carvalho
    Probably different tought if win last 3 championship, hã?
  • Christian Birkely
    Every company with a veto is naging about «getting» out. Its all BS.
  • Lo Gan
    You’ll miss F1 more than F1 will miss you. Good riddance.
  • Richard Harrold
    All right then, off you jolly well fuck!
  • Anthony Louloudis
  • Harald Kneissl
    So serious that you bought a second team.
  • Gary Bingham
    Ha ha ha you still here .. will not be missed.
  • Michael Haskey
    So Ferrari may leave. What about Alfa Romeo ??
  • Pepe Cuervo
    Shut the door when you leave!!
  • David Bern
    Sergio should be forced out of Fiat...
  • Bill Chandra Colley
    F1 will save money with ferrari gone
  • Steven Miller
  • Paul Fulton
    Go already.
  • Matteo Sari
    Who cares?
  • Alan Viner
    Do it then
  • Gabriel Thorn
    Thanks God.
  • Oonagh Brett-Francisco
    I for 1 will stop watching!
  • Kaush Kuralla
    Luca Donatella BS right?
  • Shawn Sejera
    C’ya Fezza.
  • Ivan P. Paredes
    Sore losers!

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