VIDEO: Alonso v Raikkonen - The best of team radio!

Sunday, 19 august 2018, 05:11 , by Martin Macdonald

The 2018 Formula One season has been dramatic to say the least so far, with Lewis Hamilton currently topping the standings just ahead of Sebastian Vettel. However, just as sure as those two battling for the title is Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen providing some cracking soundbites over team radio!

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  • Reuben Charles
    Leave Kimi alone. He knows what he's doing. You don't have to tell him every ten seconds. Just don't forget to connect his water
  • Lincoln Lambert
    Alonso by a whisker? "Put whatever tyre you like.... even if you put a rocketsheep we will be 11th!"
  • Kristian Luso
    Alonso try to be funny on the Team Radio but he will be never like Kimi
  • Shiela Belen Punzalan
    Alonso undisputed king of team radios!

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