Bottas offers view on Hamilton-Raikkonen crash

Friday, 13 july 2018, 08:44 , by Matthew Scott

Valtteri Bottas says he does not believe Kimi Raikkonen deliberately crashed into Lewis Hamilton at the British Grand Prix in order to give Ferrari a title advantage over Mercedes. Sebastian Vettel won at Silverstone to go eight points clear of Hamilton, while the Scuderia are 20 points clear in the constructors' race.

Bottas and Vettel capitalised on Hamilton's poor start from pole to pass him, but Raikkonen's effort at turn three was less successful, instead pitching the Briton into a spin that put him to the back of the field.

The reigning champion later pinpointed Ferrari's "interesting tactics", while Toto Wolff enraged Ferrari by claiming Raikkonen was either "deliberate or incompetent".

Hamilton fought back to finish second, while Raikkonen came home third, despite serving a 10-second time penalty.

Bottas saw a potential victory go up in smoke late on as his tyres could not maintain performance and he finished fourth, having suffered at the French Grand Prix when Vettel crashed into him on the opening lap.

However, the Finn was not in conspiratorial mood when asked about the inceidents.

"I can't say there are any concerns," he said.

"I think we are always starting more or less in a similar position, so we are always going to be battling. Sometimes you get hit, and normally you tend to do so with cars that are not in the same team as you.

"We are fighting hard and this can happen. It's only a couple of incidents. Of course, it's been always pretty bad for us."



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Comments (9)

  • James Allan
    Kimi had completely pulled in front of Lewis going into that corner, yeah he locked up going in but Lewis new he was there, he could of run a little wider in that turn and avoided the incident, their obviously wasn’t any direct intentional contact from the 7 Ferrari.
  • Alween Lopez
    In Both... Lewis started like a pussy... from pole Coincidence Nah. Everyone gang up on the weak.... and pound his ass... in the process Grow a pair
  • Jason Burkinshaw
    I don’t think anyone believes Kimi did it on purpose. It was just unfortunate.
  • Michael Swales
    winning is the only thing that merc can see cry foul when beaten.
  • Derek Timm
    So Bottas keeps his options open for a future Ferrari ride?
  • Barbara Gouin
    The only person who thinks it was deliberate is Toto Wolff
  • Dennis Iyo
    Bottas, a class act.
  • Reuben Charles
    Respect for Bottas

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