Hamilton and Raikkonen's weeks off are a bit... different

Friday, 13 july 2018, 06:15 , by Matthew Scott

Both a multi millionaire Formula 1 superstars. Both have a week off after a punishing triple header. Both enjoy their lives outside of F1 as much as on the track. But Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen could not be using their time off much differently, as their recent Instagram stories prove!

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  • Zul Husni
    because kimi have a wife & son, so spend time at home with family is much better. but lewis no
  • Amy Mantia-Johnson
    Two men at different points in their life do two different things on their weekend off. Mind blowing story...
  • Dale Campbell
    Gives you a good idea of what kind of a person each one is don't it......think about it!!!!!
  • Joey Griffin
    When I saw Kimi's story I laughed entirely too loud. "So cats won't shit in our sandbox anymore" lmfao.
  • Christine Muise
    This is a stupid comparison....Kimi has figured out his life, Lewis hasn't...
  • Alween Lopez
    Lewis and a bunch of early checkered flag experts.
  • Jonathan Carre
    Everybody's different. This happens in life outside of F1 too
  • João Júlio Manzi
    Vettel's house? Kimi 2nd, forever 2nd.
  • Phil Thurlby
    Gavin Barlow Paul Lovell Chris Harman
  • Tet S. Tiongco
    Kimi ??
  • Mark Midgley
    Brayden Burdett
  • Carlos José Espínola Basualdo
    what a shit page..
  • Mandi Tuite
    Daniel Hatton
  • Brian Laybourn
    Bling bling vs handyman..!
  • Davy Slammon
    Orla Creaton
  • Peter Lally
    Colin Mc Mahon
  • Jonathon Francis
    Benjamin McGarvey

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