Alonso lashes out at proposed F1 changes

Wednesday, 11 july 2018, 06:41 , by Matthew Scott

Fernando Alonso has spoken out against a proposed change to how points are awarded in Formula 1 races. It was revealed over the British Grand Prix weekend that a new system could see points awarded to every car in a race weekend, if the grid remains 20-cars strong.

Although the move might perhaps help Alonso in his current predicament, with McLaren struggling badly for reliability and top-line pace, he believes it would water down the competitive element of F1.

"The leading drivers always get points and so it can be a great moment if you get two points," he is quoted by Germany's

"I remember when Jules [Bianchi] was ninth in Monaco and scored points [for Marussia] and it was like a miracle and a great moment for the sport."

The plans were revealed by Force India team principal Vijay Mallya at the British Grand Prix, who explained a financial motive may be behind the decision to alter things.

"They're considering whether the points system should go all the way down to 20th place, [meaning] every car scores a point if they finished the race," Mallya told media at Silverstone.

"The bottom starts with one point and goes up, or whether 10th should be extended down to 15th.

"My comment was the fact that considering we have to pay for every point to the FIA that will have to be looked at in parallel."

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