No Grand Prix 'triple header' in 2019

Thuesday, 10 july 2018, 06:52 , by Martin Macdonald

Force India's Otmar Szafnauer and McLaren's Zak Brown have both revealed that they have been told that Formula One will not host a triple header of three Grand Prix races over three consecutive weekends like with the 2018 schedule, due to the overwhelming demands on the teams.

For the first time in F1 history, the sport held a GP race three weeks in a row, with France, Austria, and Great Britain playing host, but even when it was announced, teams were quick to point out the severe toll that this would take not only on the cars, but the drivers and the engineers behind the scenes too.

It is Liberty Media's intention to potentially increase the amount of races for the 2019 campaign, but Szafnauer

"I was told there would not be a triple header in 2019, " Szafnauer, who once described the triple header idea as a 'debacle', told RTL television.

"We will have about the same number of races next season."

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Brown confirmed the suggestion from Szafnauer, and claimed the arduous schedule was tough for the teams.

"Everyone's tired. Everyone's powering through it," said the McLaren boss.

"My understanding is that we most likely won't have a triple header again next year. The conversation around 22-23 races is, I think, a few years out. I think we'll probably see 20, maybe 21 again next year."

In addition to the toll the schedule takes on the people and power units, there have been issues raised with simple logistics, as teams usually have at least a week to prepare for upcoming GP events.

With the triple header, they had to find a solution for moving parts as quickly as possible from France, to Austria, then to Silverstone at the weekend.

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