Haas-backed F2 driver banned for FOUR races!

Monday, 09 july 2018, 11:44 , by Matthew Scott

Haas-backed Formula 2 driver Santino Ferrucci has been banned for four races after picking up numerous penalties in a remarkable British Grand Prix performance. Ferrucci rammed Trident team-mate Arjun Maini on the cool-down lap at Silverstone after the pair had battled during the race.

Ferrucci was found to have deliberately forced Maini off the road at Turn 4 in Sunday's sprint race and was subsequently stripped of his sixth-place finish after refusing to attend a hearing with stewards. The pair had also collided in Saturday's feature race.

More incredible was his decision to smash into the right-rear of his team-mate after the race, Ferrucci once again refusing to attend a summons to answer his case.

The American has been punished severely, banned from the rounds in Budapest and Spa-Francorchamps and fined €60,000.

Ferrucci was also fined after being caught driving from the support paddock to race pitlane wearing just one glove and holding a mobile phone in his ungloved hand. F2 fined him a further €6000 over the incident.

Trident said in a statement: "Trident intends to show their solidarity and support to @ArjunMaini_ and his family, for the unsportsmanlike and above all uncivilized behaviour that he was forced to endure not only during this last weekend by Santino Ferrucci and father, who accompanied him.

"The contractual implications of what has happened will be dealt with by our lawyers. Never in these 12 years of sporting activity has anything even close to this ever occurred. We apologize for the show that we have regretfully offered."

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