Rosberg offers verdict on Raikkonen-Hamilton crash

Monday, 09 july 2018, 10:27 , by Matthew Scott

Nico Rosberg has weighed into the debate over Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton's first-lap collision at the British Grand Prix, but has gone against his former team Mercedes to insist that the Ferrari driver did not cause the collision in order to benefit team-mate Sebastian Vettel.

Insinuations of sabotage were clear in Mercedes' post-race comments, with Hamilton highlighting "interesting tactics" from the Scuderia, while Toto Wolff, quoting James Allison, questioned whether Raikkonen's actions were "deliberate or incompetent".

The Finn put Hamilton into a spin after he had fallen behind Vettel and Valtteri Bottas in a poor start from pole and received a 10-second penalty, but was still able to finish third, behind Hamilton and race-winner Vettel, who moved eight points clear in the drivers' standings as a result.

Watching the incident, Rosberg's immediate reaction was: "Totally Raikkonen's fault, 100 per cent rubbish..."

However, in a video posted to his YouTube channel, Rosberg firmly dismissed the notion that Raikkonen had intentionally caused the collision.

"The answer is pretty simple, the answer is 100 per cent not on purpose," he said.

"We also saw in Austria, Kimi is not driving for Sebastian.

"In Austria, Kimi was second and Sebastian third and there was no letting Sebastian past at all - he didn't consider that - so Kimi's driving for his own thing.

"He was out there and just completely messed it up, braked way too late and just locked up and just torpedoed into Lewis.

"It was unusual for Kimi because usually those kind of things don't happen to him, so it was a bit strange but definitely not on purpose."

Rosberg's full video diary of the British Grand Prix is below.

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Comments (15)

  • Jonathan Carre
    I can't even believe this is still a debate. 100% unintentional. How could Ferrari's tactics have been for Kimi to take out Lewis when it was only because of Lewis' terrible start that they even shared the same piece of track? Or does Kimi just have a standing order to take out Lewis whenever he's close? Kimi jeopardised his own race doing this, so if he is writing his own season off to benefit Seb, why did he not give up 2nd place to Seb in Austria? There's always a conspiracy when Lewis and Merc don't win.
  • Jeff Larsen
    Comment made by someone in YouTube - Race engineer to Kimi pre-race: "Ok Kimi, we are 100% certain Lewis is going to noob it at the start and drop places. Once he is right in front of you, at whichever turn you're at, make sure you lock your brakes, lose control, but don't really lose control, and hit him. This way Vettel can win a race he is already leading...Oh and make sure you don't lose your wing in the process. Good luck buddy!"
  • Crispin Hudd
    Even Hamilton knows that Kimi never did that on purpose and even said as much "immediately after the race were "dumb". It was just a racing incident and move on. It was a wonderful race and I still can't believe there is still some doubt over future races at Silverstone ? What a superb event
  • Wayne Smith
    If Nico Rosberg the Quitter wants to have input, he should become a Steward. Or, get back in a car so he can wreck Lewis Hamilton some more :D
  • Jerry Mascarenhas
    It was a normal racing incident. Bad decision by Stewards. But that turned out to make the race awesome. Hamilton showed who the best driver is.
  • Rick Wilson
    Thanks Nico. But the fans have got this one. (he's right....but still...)
  • Carlos José Espínola Basualdo
    Shut up little chicken.. HAM and RAI are great Champions.. you are a silly pussy.
  • Debbie Morgan
    Rosberg has so much to say if he is such an expert come back and race to prove it!!!
  • Daniel Cuglietta
    Now we just need Jacques Villeneuve to weigh in and the weekend will be complete.
  • Laurence Barnes
    I for once don't give a damn what wooky mooky has to say.
  • Todd Morrison
    Raikkonen just had a senior moment Calm down
  • Carlos Santos
    Nico has no business talking he was worse
  • John Travers
    Louie is a punk ass bitch

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