'Alonso is a team player'

Saturday, 16 juny 2018, 05:01 , by Martin Macdonald

McLaren boss Zak Brown insists that Fernando Alonso's conduct at the Le Mans 24 Hours race shows that he is a "team player", with Kazuki Nakajima set to start the race from pole position for Toyota, with the Spaniard not featuring until later.

Alonso is featuring in Le Mans as part of his pursuit of the 'triple crown' of motorsport which includes a win there as well as the Monaco Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500.

Thanks to a qualifying lap from Nakajima earlier this week, the Japanese driver along with Alonso and Sebastien Buemi will take pole, but it is Nakajima will start from the beginning.

Brown reckons that Alonso will have no problem with his team-mate starting from pole due to his commitment to the team.

"He'll be fine with that," Brown said. "His ego doesn't get in the way of his driving, and he's a team player.

"He likes to win, and he knows he's never started Le Mans and his teammate has, they've got the most experience at the start. He'll be fine with that."

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Brown has also praised the way that Alonso opens himself up to learn new things when trying another motorsport discipline, and does not come in with the attitude of a diva just because he is a star in his own right in Formula One.

"The great thing about him is that he comes into new environments knowing I've not done this before," Alonso's boss at McLaren added.

"He doesn't come in going 'this is how we do it in Formula One and I'm a two-time Formula One world champion, therefore I know everything'. That's not his approach at all.

"At Indy and Daytona he comes in, he listens, he talks, he contributes, but he blends in nicely. So I think he knows how to settle in to the environment and learn. He's got two good teammates."

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