Marquez gleefully compares Moto GP to F1

Thuesday, 12 juny 2018, 06:31 , by Martin Macdonald

Moto GP star Marc Marquez got behind the wheel of a Formula One car for the first time recently with Red Bull, and could barely contain his excitement at describing his experience, praising the pace of the corners and comparing the discipline to Moto GP.

Marquez got behind the wheel of a 2012 Red Bull Toro Rosso at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria, and was quick to name one huge difference between Moto GP and F1.

"From Moto GP to Formula One, one of the biggest differences is that in Moto GP you can see everything," said the Spaniard.

"You can look around, you can play with your body. With Formula One you are, like, inside a box and you see only two wheels and it is difficult because we are used to riding a different way.

"The most difficult thing with a Formula One car is the breaking. I already checked in the simulator and understanding how to break is the most difficult thing.

"With motorbikes, always we break, and we stay there with the break. With Formula One it is completely different. You need to break so hard in the beginning when you have the downforce with the high speed."

Marquez speaks like a fan as he describes the excitement of getting behind the wheel, and claims the fast corners are the most exciting aspect of F1.

"It was quite nice, the downforce is incredible," he continued.

"But straight away the car is already giving you a good feeling. I didn't expect this, but the feeling was there. We are trying to manage it well, but the feeling is incredible.

"The nicest thing is on the fast corners. The downforce, you are turning so quick and so fast and so stable. We will enjoy it, for sure."

Marquez is one of the most successful motorbike racers of all time, and has six Grand Prix world championships to his name at the age of 25.

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  • Randy Buster
    Far more exciting than F1 - same speeds without the protection - constant passing and challenges.
  • John Taylor
    Currently, MotoGP is better than F1.

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