'Verstappen is a child, and he is overrated'

Thuesday, 12 juny 2018, 06:13 , by Paul Macdonald

Former F1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve has laid some harsh criticism down at the feet of Max Verstappen, claiming that the Red Bull driver is a 'child', is 'overrated', while claiming that the Dutchman is inferior to his team-mate Daniel Ricciardo

Verstappen has had a testing start to the season, with incidents in Baku and Monaco in particular placing focus on his temperament, with some even suggesting his position in Red Bull could be at risk. 

The 20-year-old was back to his best at the weekend in Canada, finishing in third position behind Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas, though before the race he had threatened to 'headbutt someone' because of the pressure he was under and being asked the same questions by journalists. 

Ans Villeneuve, who has been known in the past to hold outspoken views about F1, feels that Verstappen's behaviour is not becoming of a top driver and that he is being outshone regularly by Ricciardo.

He said: "You need to be aware of your mistakes in order to progress, and he has not done that. Instead he showed a lack of respect and education.

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“In some ways he is still a child. He was dragged out of the cradle and put into a car. That’s probably why he is not at Ricciardo’s level and even looks bad.

“If Red Bull considers him to be the future, he must beat his teammate. In the meantime, the opposite is true. He is overrated. The journalist’s role is to report facts, even if Verstappen answered the question a hundred times,” says the Canadian former Champ.

“The responsibility of the driver is to answer – if the question is justified. But Verstappen had no right to take offense and react in that way."

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  • Kenneth Brown
    Why is Jacques even still relevant? Want he know for the same thing? He always was a little punk crybaby. At least max actually has some skill. Why don't you go back to NASCAR and wreck some more women?
  • Wayne Ritchie
    He's not overrated, he's overhyped by the media. This is not his fault. But he was brought into F1 and then Redbull way to early.
  • Lemay Fisk
    Max is a great driver, just keep his family away from him on the track and he will be a brilliant driver, and maybe someday a legend.
  • Dee Paterson
    Wasn't it only a short while ago Lewis himself said he wanted to hit someone and regretted the fact he didn't do it, guess that is ok though right.
  • Evan Browne
    Antics behind the wheel aside, threatening to headbutt someone is childish. What else do you call it?
  • Stephen Smart
    I wonder why he’s getting grief this season!!??? Maybe stop hitting Shit and it would stop!!!
  • John Taylor
    Verstappen is a pampered little punk. He should have gotten his ass smacked a long time ago.
  • Bruce Hilliard
    If Jacques Villeneuve didn't have something negative to say he would have nothing to say...
  • Corey Christensen
    Jacques always says shit like that. Probably just to get some spotlight time.
  • Randy Buster
    If he grows up he will possibly be a good driver - at present he is a spoiled brat.
  • Jonattan Chuquimia
    I was reading the article until i see "jaques Villeneuve", then... Meh!
  • Jody Harrison
    Jacques talking shit again, we get it, you're still alive.
  • ??????? ???????????
    Fuck off..you all know his potential
  • Gary Hilliard
    Only an idiot believes that he is overrated.
  • Henrik Pedersen
    So has his Car
  • Dhafer Hermi
    Leave him alone!!!
  • Ben Fisher
    No way is he overrated
  • Mark Chamberlain
    put hime in a ferrari

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