Ricciardo denied fastest lap by chequered flag gaffe

Sunday, 10 juny 2018, 15:45 , by Paul Macdonald

Daniel Ricciardo had to be informed by Sky Sports that he had not collected the fastest lap at the Canadian Grand Prix because a mistake with the chequered flag meant that his quicksilver lap 70 will not count in the record books. 

The race was officially cut short because the flag was waved by model Winnie Harlow a lap early, causing confusion at the circuit. 

Fortunately, none of the positions were negatively impacted by the mistake, but Ricciardo thought that his final lap of the circuit, lap 70, had been the fastest of the day, only to discover that his effort was declared void. 

Speaking to Sky Sports, he was informed that team-mate Max Verstappen had recorded the quickest time, to which he responded with surprise, saying, "C'mon guys, can we check this again, I'm pretty sure I won!' before being told the bad news. 

When asked to assess the condition of his engine - which may need changed ahead of the France GP in two weeks - the Aussie said: "I guess we'll discuss in the post-race debrief. I'm pretty happy we got it through the full race weekend. But we know it'll bite us soon.

"We had an engine upgrade this weekend and my car struggled more with drivability, and it could have been better. That would explain some of the inconsistency, but Max was also driving really well too.

Ricciardo was also asked about his driver's championship chances, given he finished ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the race, and whether he needs to improve his qualifying on Saturdays in order to truly challenge.

He added: "I think that's fair. This is normally a real strong track for Mercedes, and for us to take a few points away and it gives us a lot of encouragement."


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Comments (55)

  • Dave Cattal
    Ok. Next time, wave the chequered flag by the end of 1st lap and the race will be over? Come on... what a joke... let’s the flag be waved by people who knows something about racing, not people who wants to be on TV...
  • Waldo Chavez
    And the winner of the fastest lap...is Richardo!!...oh...wait... I'm sorry I made a mistake....its not Richardo..
  • Garnet Vitnell
    Why do they give the flag to some halfwitted fuckwit in the first place? She fell to her knees for someone no doubt
  • Tom Schultz
    What a fiasco. A so-called professional organization gives the checkered flag to a silly ass bimbo to wave. What a disgrace.
  • Rachel Collins El-Jamil
    Stupid broad...stick to modelling and stay away from F1. Like we need anymore airheads around the track
  • Jason Mahoney
    Why is a "non official" waving the flag anyway? What an absolute joke! Makes you all look like imbeciles.
  • Federico Tombolini
    VIPs shouldn't do this kind of things but,if they have to do it,they must do it well!
  • Sten Sarapuu
    Taking away grid girls and putting clueless models to the job what FIA need to too
  • Alisa Pierce Windlinger
    How about you give the flag to someone who knows what the hell is going on?
  • Sue Probert
    What a farse!!! Just stick to someone who knows what they are doing!!!
  • Robert Durrant
    Who was responsible for keeping her in line...fail
  • Darren Pink
    Who the fuck decides who waves the flag. Some leftard
  • Patrick Pendleton
    Dumb ass! Failure on both accounts, looks and brain!
  • Eli Hams
    huh and I had Ricciardo for fastest lap on FantasyGP...........
  • Pete Peteza Roberts
    Can i just mention her face whats up with that!!
  • Richard Golen
    I guess if you sleep with Lewis you get to wave the flag....
  • Thierry Bastien
    John, tu as perdu tes 15 points à cause de la gaffe de Winnie Harlow
  • Steve Reinhart
    Whoever thought up this faux pas should be fired!!!
  • Leaston Subramany
    First Canadian race i have seen that was so boring. F1 IS DEAD.
  • Pajtim Haka
    Ilir Karaj, Gerald Shima Ja pse paska bo veteli dhe xhiron e fundit

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