Mercedes to apply Formula 1 knowledge in Formula E

Thursday, 17 may 2018, 12:10 , by Matthew Scott

Mercedes have targeted immediate success upon entering Formula E in 2019, revealing that the team behind their champion Formula 1 cars will also be tasked with ensuring glory in the all-electric series. The German marque will enter Formula E in 2019, dropping out of DTM in the process.

Since returning to F1 as a constructor in 2010, Mercedes have enjoyed lavish success, particularly since the introduction of hybrid V6 power units to the sport.

Having swept all four drivers' and constructors' titles in the past four years, Mercedes hope that the expertise and knowledge they have developed about the electrical elements of their F1 power unit will be applicable to Formula E.

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Revealing a first glimpse into their Formula E plans, a Mercedes statement read: "Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains has set the benchmark for hybrid expertise in Formula 1 for many years. The team is now capitalising on its expertise with high-performance electric motors to develop the powertrain for the Mercedes EQ Formula E Team.

"The in-house engineers have been working on challenging high-performance projects for more than a decade including the original KERS Hybrid system in Formula One and the SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive electric super sports car which was developed jointly with Mercedes-AMG.

"However, it is the expertise acquired during the development journey of the current F1 hybrid power unit that will form the cornerstone of the Formula E technical project.

"At the inception of the hybrid power unit, the strategic decision was taken to develop the Energy Recovery System (ERS) as an integrated part of the overall Power Unit. This led to rapid in-house learning around both hardware, including the high-power electric motors, and the associated deployment systems which optimise the power delivery of hybrid energy in the racing environment.

"The end result of this development journey has not just been world championship success. It has generated transferable learning which is finding its first expression in the Project One, bringing F1 technology to the road, and which will continue to enrich future performance car development.

"And it has built a world-class centre of expertise which will now expand its scope of attention to include the unique challenges of Formula E."

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