Brawn apologises for F1 TV failure

Wednesday, 16 may 2018, 12:16 , by Matthew Scott

Ross Brawn has issued an apology to Formula 1 fans over the failure of F1 TV at the Spanish Grand Prix. Liberty media was forced into an embarrassing apology and refund to customers after the much-vaunted streaming system almost universally failed to work properly upon its introduction.

The service was moved back to the Barcelona race from the start of the year to allow for more testing, but F1 fans were left furious as streams failed to work.

Though contrite, Brawn says F1's current chiefs are having to move fast to bring the sport into the modern age, after years of suspicion to new media under Bernie Ecclestone.

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Brawn said in a post-race F1 debrief: "I confess [social media] is not a big part of my world, but I do appreciate its importance in reaching new audiences, especially among our younger fans.

"Three initiatives made their debut in Barcelona: F1 TV, the Twitter Live Show, and F1 Vision, the most advanced handheld device on which to follow the race.

"The launch of the former did not go very smoothly, and apologies to our fans, but we are dragging our sport from a place where none of these initiatives previously existed and we will get there.

"In some ways that's what Formula 1 is about, a sport where things are developed on the move and on the track with technology that is always cutting edge.

"We're in the front line with the aim of unleashing the greatest spectacle on the planet and we want to take you with us."

Brawn also made sure to point out the number of new advances F1 has made in the show this year.

"We have new camera angles, an all-new graphic design that we are constantly evolving and the new halo graphics which has managed to make the halo less intrusive on television to our viewers and fans," he said.

"There's a specially-made microphone placed to enhance the sound of the power units, and we are interviewing the drivers immediately after qualifying, following the heat of the battle.

"We are doing that after the race too, capturing the emotions of the drivers on screens around the world."

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  • Robin Evers
    Say it works for Ireland didn’t work at al and get only part of a refund you pay 3€ a month and only get 2.40 € back wan I could not see anything at all. Bad service only by chat what keeps you kicking out as well wan you come in the top 10 of waiting costumers
  • Eduardo Villa
    "There's a specially-made microphone placed to enhance the sound of the power units" What about making decent motors that don't require a microphone to be exciting?
  • John R. Allen
    Brawn's apology reminded me of a bit from Saturday Night Live:
  • Rick Wilson
    Sorry RB, but it AIN'T just the TV coverage. The races have become boring as hell for the most part. Unless it rains
  • Richard Harrold
    Let's face it: Liberty may be making mistakes, but they're nowhere NEAR as bad as Nazi-apologist misogynist bigot Bernie!
  • Gerry Goyette
    Find another network besides ESPN in the States, and ratings will improve.
  • Michael Swales
    First time can't watch F1 thanks good move just like the yanks all on pay tv.

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