Williams 'haven't done a good enough job'

Thuesday, 15 may 2018, 15:48 , by Martin Macdonald

Williams engineer Paddy Lowe has admitted that the team "haven't done a good enough job" in the 2018 season so far as rookie drivers Lance Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin struggle to make an impact in the rankings in the new FW14 F1 car.

The team had a tumultuous winter and gained criticism for providing a seat for the untested Sirotkin for alleged financial reasons rather than the Russian's talent behind the wheel.

They have the youngest driving duo on the grid, and have only picked up four championship points so far thanks to Stroll's finish in eighth in Azerbaijan.

In this past weekend's Spanish Grand Prix, Stroll ended up in 11th, while Sirotkin was in fourteenth - a huge three laps behind the winner, Lewis Hamilton.

Lowe admits that, although he is happy with the Canadian finishing close to a points position, the team has not been good enough overall.

“It’s been a very difficult weekend performance-wise but certainly to get two cars home is a credit to the team,” said Lowe.

“For the guys in the garage, it’s the same amount of work despite our pace, so I’m pleased for them that we got both cars to the finish ahead of the test this week.

“With Lance, we narrowly missed the points after a fantastic first lap got him up to 12th, a position he consolidated to finish 11th with really good, consistent pace and tyre management.

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“Sergey had a more difficult afternoon suffering with the balance of the car. It got more difficult as he had a lot of lapped cars to manage, which lost him tyre temperatures as a consequence.”

“As a team we haven’t done a good enough job with the development of this FW41 and we will keep working hard back at base and at the test this week to come back in a stronger position.”

Williams are dead-last in the constructor rankings, seven points adrift of Sauber in ninth.

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