Kubica well aware of his limitations

Thuesday, 15 may 2018, 11:23 , by Martin Macdonald

Williams reserve driver Robert Kubica has revealed that he is aware of the "limitations" that his body will allow behind the wheel as he completes the career recovery from the rally car accident suffered in 2011 which cost him part of his forearm.

This past weekend in Spain, Kubica made his return to driving in a Grand Prix weekend when he drove for Williams in Friday's practice session at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Pictures from the on-board camera showed that the Pole predominantly uses one arm when operating the FW41, and although this is unconventional from a driver at the high level of F1, Kubica says he recognises his limitations.

“I drive to how my body, and what my limitations, allow me" Kubica insisted.

“After my accident, I discovered to do a roundabout in a road car, you don’t have to grab steering wheel. You can use friction to turn. F1 is not a road car.

“But I have also been in the school where they give you a bird in the hand and you have to hold it so it doesn’t fly away but you can’t hold it too tight that it gets scared.

“This is the way you have to hold the steering wheel.

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“When I was racing in the past, once in Malaysia, one of the first weekends I was doing [with BMW] in 2006, there was footage when you saw me driving with three fingers open.

“I remember engineers were shocked. They said ‘why?’ I said ‘I don’t know’, probably you don’t need to use all power you have, you just have to use what is enough.

Kubica went on to claim that he simply would not be allowed to get behind the wheel of a Formula One car if he was not capable to safely manoeuvre round a track.

“Probably the way I drive is enough what I’m doing otherwise I would not be here, otherwise I think I will not have this opportunity or tests last year and I would not planned to do 160 laps in F1 car [in testing].

“It looks different than 10 years ago. And it looks different to the others. The outcome is the same or nearly the same.”

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  • Lukasz Roszkowski
    He is better with one arm than most are with two

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