Lights Out: Hamilton breaks bread with Verstappen, Ricciardo flirts with Merc

Friday, 13 april 2018, 03:00 , by Matthew Scott

The Bahrain Grand Prix ended with Lewis Hamilton calling Max Verstappen a "dickhead" after their first-corner clash. The Chinese Grand Prix weekend started with the pair burying the hatchet. Let's hope it lasts eh? It's lights out for Friday morning!


It looked like fireworks could be in the offing when Verstappen dug his heels in at the pre-race conference.

No change of approach, was the vow from Verstappen, who said Hamilton took the "easy" options of suggesting inexperience was down to their coming-together in Sakhir.

But in a no-way-no-not-at-all-staged meeting at an autograph session, Hamilton and Verstappen shook hands, before the champion went on to say his piece.

Hamilton buried the hatchet, but left us wanting more. Who is the person he once wanted to punch in the cool room...?

Daniel Ricciardo got a decent view of the incident, from the side of the track after his Red Bull had shut down.

The Aussie reckons Max was "greedy" diving down the inside of the Mercedes. Not exactly party line, is it?

Speaking of which, Ricciardo says he would have "100 per cent" tried to overtake Sebastian Vettel in Bahrain. You know, like Valtteri Bottas didn't?

With a contract expiring at the end of the year, when a Mercedes seat could also be available, it's jsut so difficult to understand what Ricciardo is trying to say......... (yes, triple elipses, in case your sarcasm filter is wonky).

Woah! Hang on a minute... when did McLaren become the second most reliable team in F1?!


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