Kubica believes he is better prepared for 2019 seat than in 2018

Thuesday, 13 march 2018, 04:58 , by Martin Macdonald

Robert Kubica has confessed that he already feels better prepared to try and claim a 2019 Formula One seat than in 2018 when he was trying to make his comeback from serious injury, and has attributed his reserve driver role with Williams as helping him.

Kubica was involved in a serious accident during a rally car race a few years ago which cost him part of his forearm. After over a dozen surgeries, he has been working on a miraculous recovery and was in the running to gain a seat with Williams.

Sergey Sirotkin was eventually selected, but Kubica was still employed as the reserve driver to the Russian and Lance Stroll. Kubica's intention is still to get a seat in 2019, and thinks he is already better prepared than in pre-season for 2018.

“If I am able to prepare and use the opportunity to get me closer and then if I have the chance to drive or come closer to race I will be for sure more prepared than a couple of months ago,” the Pole said.

“Every day you can learn something new and I think at the end of the year, I think I will be better - maybe not [a better] driver - because when I have been in the car I have different priorities.

“It’s not about fine tuning and small details, it’s more my job to get a global picture and it’s more about feedback, trying to find weaker points of the car and give suggestions and ideas to improve the car.

“It’s not just about pure speed or pace but still it’s a good opportunity to learn new things and be in the car.

“The regulations are quite restrictive for testing but still I will have the chance to drive and also it will give me the opportunity to drive the car while we are developing it, so understanding the development rate and the route we are going, will be important.”

Kubica also thinks that being a reserve driver has awarded him the opportunity to get more involved in the development stage of the car behind the scenes. He is eager to learn, and believes that being a racer driver limits the opportunity to do so due to the pressures of performing.

“It’s a good feeling for me. If you think where I was 12 months ago things have changed quite a lot. I am enjoying my position, it’s giving me quite a lot of challenges and also opportunities to see the team working, to see a different point of view of many things," he continued.

“When you are a race driver you see things in the race driver mode. The engineers, technicians, mechanics, all the team is working, but when you are a race driver you you don’t get as deep as I have opportunity to get in this situation.

“It’s a good opportunity and I’m enjoying it. It’s also good fun. I think it will be an interesting year.”

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  • Mat Wajda
    Everyone here seems to completely ignore the fact that even after the accident, he got into a car and set competitive laps, and went faster than guys who have been in the sport the last few seasons. And all talks of his physical capabilities were thrown out the window when he went faster than BOTH the drivers for the team that he’s employed with during testing. * insert ‘ testing doesn’t mean shit ‘ comment here * For those who say it doesn’t matter, go back to your bedroom, put your helmet back on and continue with your colouring book. He was given a 2018 car. On a track that is raced on during the season, against drivers who are competing DURING the season, and have been, while he’s been sitting around doing nothing. It’s not ‘ luck ‘, it’s skill. I think he deserves a seat. Give him a competitive car and see what he can do with it.
  • Maciej Paul Dryja
    Robert it's their loss. You could make them millions for them but Williams has their foster children drivers who are placed there. If any other spots would open up it would be nice. Come back stronger and train more at gym too. Polish fans are waiting for you they can't stop our racing spirit
  • Joey Bridges
    when is this going to end with this guy ?? seriously, can we all just get a shot of reality here ?? his time in F1 has come and gone. it's a shame what happened to him. but it's time to move on.
  • Farrukh Zaidi
    He can never be as good as he could have been without that damn accident. He could have been right on par with Ric etc, not in the same league as Seb and Alo but not far behind
  • Justin Regan
    I have a feeling he'll be in the seat before the year is out. Shame Williams didn't take the gamble, they may have kept Martini as their title sponsor.
  • Aidan Millward
    Saying the car drives like a bus is a great start
  • Sivakumar Mani
    Seat ? In comm box ? Still a tough luck
  • Jason Hunt
    Seems to me he's begging for a seat.

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