'Raikkonen has 12 lives' - Could he get another year at Ferrari?

Monday, 12 march 2018, 07:12 , by Matthew Scott

Kimi Raikkonen could remain at Ferrari beyond 2018 if he can prove his pace once again Formula 1 this season, says Alex Wurz. The Finn has struggled to recapture his previous best since returning to the Scuderia, but the Grand Prix Drivers' Association chairman joked Raikkonen has "12 lives".

Raikkonen returned to Ferrari in 2014 but has not finished higher than fourth in the drivers' title.

His inability to match the performances of compatriot Valtteri Bottas last season was held up as a key reason in Ferrari's inability to get close to Mercedes in the constructors' race last year, despite Sebastian Vettel challenging Lewis Hamilton for individual honours.

However, Wurz - a test driver at McLaren during Raikkonen's time there - backed the Finn's ability to stay on at Ferrari, despite the possible availability of Daniel Ricciardo and Bottas at the end of the year.

Wurz told Speedweek: "How many lives did he have? He is like a cat to me.

"A cat has seven lives, Kimi must have 12 or so!

"The stopwatch does not know how old a driver is.

"If Kimi performs well and the team is convinced they have the most productive driver pairing with this duo, then he can continue beyond 2018."

Raikkonen is generally seen as Ferrari's second driver behind Vettel, a standing Wurz believes improves harmony at the Scuderia.

By contrast, he believes the battles at Red Bull between Ricciardo and Max Verstappen could lead to tension.

"At Ferrari there is a clear division of roles," Wurz added. "At Mercedes, it will be very difficult for Bottas to beat Hamilton.

"But at Red Bull, everything is much more open. It's impossible to say how the rivalry will develop, but it will be extremely interesting. There is tension in the air."

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Comments (34)

  • Roberto Varriale
    Ricciardo! Good enough to beat him smart enough not to crash into him. Calm enough not to make vettel upset. No brainer! Raikkonen just a waste of a car. Verstappen to crazy. Failing that. Carlos sainz jnr. Possibly a verstappen without the madness.
  • Nessa C Ruelas
    I’m a Kimi fan & his skills don’t lack. Last season most of his retirements were because of reliability not poor driving or judgement. Vettel & Ricciardo have been teammates before, wouldn’t do that again. Keep Kimi!
  • Paul Albin
    I know he's under contract, but can you imagine the madness that would ensue is Max were his partner? It would make Lewis and Nico seem like a love fest.
  • Ryan Ashcroft
    If Ferrari want to win a driver's title with Vettel then stick with a Raikonnen or a Perez. If they want a constructors they need a Riciardo or Hulkenburg or Ocon
  • Chris Matthews
    That would be a stupid move. Ferrari will never win the Constructors while Kimi is driving. Kimi lacks the will to win.
  • Dexter Williams
    Realistic choices are Grosjean, Ricciardo and Leclerc. I'd support anyone of them to replace Kimi.
  • Steven Miller
    Vettel's comfortable with Raikkonen, he'd be far less comfortable with Ricciardo.
  • Eli Hams
    Ricciardo needs to stay put. OCON is the real deal throw him in there.
  • Mohammad Islam
    I want to see him at Ferrari till 2020; If not, Ricciardo should be his replacement.
  • Bruno Fernandez
    Ocon and Grosjean are good choices, Ricciardo would be great, but he is not a 2nd driver.
  • Marjan Bultman
    Still with my Iceman... and beat Vettel. Kimi (hopefully) knows what he's doing....
  • Daniele Monno
    Kick out cry baby vettel , take ricciardo and ocon
  • Mike Wolert
    Danny Kvyat, just to hear Seb freak out nonstop...
  • Miguel Reis-Abreu
    I would pick Verstapen to partner with Raikonen. Goodbye Vettel
  • Michael Karlsson
    Max då blir Ferrari ett riktigt hat stall igen.
  • Carlos Tata Vicente
    Lo quisiera ver con Alonso ohh Hamilton
  • João Júlio Manzi
    Vettel's bitch. Shame of Sport.
  • Anthony May
    Button! Calm, great teammate and professional
  • Fer Cos
    Sergio Pérez will be a good teammate.
  • Shiva Bhardwaj
    Keep kimi and fire vettel

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