Alonso: Toro Rosso should be worried about Honda

Sunday, 12 november 2017, 14:24

Fernando Alonso has sent a warning to Toro Rosso for next season with regards to Honda engines as he bemoaned their perceived lack of power during his Brazil Grand Prix outing.

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  • Mohammad Islam
    Don't forget about Renault engine problem too. They got power but so many retire last few races due to engine problem. McLaren should be worried about that as well.
  • Fadlan Neimi
    Shpend Ramizi sen e kam pa garen kisht pat spektakel ama ngjoje xhi thot " lack of power is amazing " hahahahha
  • Gareth McAllum
    think Renault has has more reliability issues than the Honda. especially the last few races
  • Chris Diaz
    Because Toro Rosso was in such good shape this weekend with Renault support. Where are the spare parts!?
  • Robert DeCastro
    Don't get ahead of yourself Alonso.
  • Norbert Hennemann
    Or maybe its completely the other way around.
  • Silambarasan Somasundaram
    Alonso hitting the hardest place
  • Kevin Kirk
    well yea

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